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wanting Tue 19-Mar-13 07:46:00

These days, it sometimes rains in my city, so I always stay at home when I’m free. I have nothing to do but watch TV. I like watching TV show especially the programs that the theme is about blind date and making friends. Such as Take Me Out, The Bachelor, The More Best Love and so on. Yesterday, I watch one of the TV shows. It is a TV show in my country that is like The Bachelor in America. A man who is called Mr. Chen is a divorced mid-aged man. Even though he fails to find a woman who wants to be his girlfriend, he won everyone’s respect and best wish.
Mr. Chen is a very kind-hearted man because he is fond of helping others. He is a volunteer; he stakes part in a community that takes active actions to help the disabled people. There are lots of disabled people making contributions to our society with the help of the community. The volunteers in the community give the disabled people financial help by selling a lot of crafts such as needle work, toys, holiday cards, fashionable jewelry and so on. All the crafts are made by themselves. The make the crafts with the recycling metal, plastic, they also make them with some cheap accessories. They try all the ways to sell them and then they give away all the money to the disabled people. They also call for all of us give more love to the disadvantaged groups and they try their best to encourage some disabled people to learn to make crafts to make money for them and for our society.
In the beginning of the program, a disabled person in this community gives a gift to the host of the program on the behalf of all the people in the community. It’s a card made by him, the card is very delicate and beautiful. In the card, there are a pair of couples and a door, it means he hopes all the people in the program can step on the way to happy through this door with his or her Mr. or Miss right. Then, after Mr. Chen fails, he gives a girl he is fond of in the program a present. The present is a string of bracelet made of 88 pearls. The bracelet is shining and elegant, the beads are threaded all by him. All the people including me are moved by the man and the gifts. The crafts make the air romantic and warm.
In fact, I am here not just because I want share you with the program. I need your help. After seeing the program, I have a lot of feelings. There are lots of disadvantaged groups like disabled people in our society; they need not only the help of money but also the help of love. Even though in the developed countries there are better social security systems, the disabled people still need help. In my own opinion, if we want to solve the problem of them fundamentally, we should help them to live a life as ours. We can help them to gain a skill that can help them to make for a living and make contributions for our society. Only in this way, can they feel they are happy, confident and they are also an important part to our society. Then, the disabled people are no longer a burden to our society; they are also a strong power that can support the development of the world. The program give me a lot of inspiration, I think making crafts is really a good and helpful kill for the disabled people. It is simple to learn and the cost is cheap. They can not only making a living by the skill, but also they can help others with the skill, for example, they can help the students in primary schools to make crafts in their labor classes.
The only thing I can do to help the disabled people now is to make crafts and sell them for the disabled people because I am good at making jewelry, I always making jewelry for my families and friends. They think my crafts are beautiful, I am proud of this. So, I decide to make jewelry and sell them to help others. There are several difficulties I am suffering now;

1.Where can I learn more things about making jewelry?
I want to make more jewelry in different styles and improve my skills, then they can be more popular and I can make more money.

2.Where to sell my crafts?
Does anyone know somewhere I can sell my crafts with a good price? No matter they are the real markets or online websites.

3.Where can I get cheap materials which are widely used in jewelry making?
Such as beads, findings, chains, accessories, strings and so on. Low cost materials are benefit to the profit then I can donate more.

Though what I can do now is limited, I still want to have a try and hope I can be successful. If everyone pays a little effort, then we can make great differences for our society.
At the end, thanks for your attention on my post. Any helpful and constructive suggestions will be appreciated. If you have some please don’t hesitate to communicate with me. Thanks!

Anne58 Tue 19-Mar-13 09:14:06

wanting a friend of mine males beautiful beadwork, apparently there are lots of an-line retailers that you can buy materials from.

In a village very near to me there is a shop called The Bead Cellar, I think they might have a website too.

j08 Tue 19-Mar-13 09:46:12

We have workshops in this country where disabled people make and sell things.

There are many easy to find outlets online where you can buy the raw materials.

And we have large stores called Hobbycraft.

HTH. smile

BonicaCook Fri 19-Apr-13 09:59:50

Hi, Wanting. I know a website that teach people how to make jewelry step by step. it has a learning center in it and as well as cheap beads, findings, chains, accessories, strings and so on. Hope you can improve your skill in it. Best wishes.