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squaredog Tue 03-Dec-13 15:52:50

I'm fortunate enough to be spending 3weeks with my son in Australia shortly, and would love to take some hand sewing with me........for the flights etc.

Apart from flippin' octogans, does anyone have any ideas?

Stansgran Tue 03-Dec-13 16:30:19

Needlepoint is good.especially Bargello designs as you just do the first row and it all follows on.

tiggypiro Tue 03-Dec-13 18:23:44

Your biggest problem will be getting a needle and scissors through security. I think there are ways of doing it but sure how. Maybe someone here will know or try a Quilters forum. Please let us know if you find the answer !

If you manage to get your equipment on board how about some cross stitch ?

Stansgran Tue 03-Dec-13 18:33:35

There is a locket which is also a thread cutter. Widely available in needlework shops. I have never had needles confiscated. I have a silver needle case which is on a chain as a necklace . There was a thread about this a while back. The name Rosiebee springs to mind as someone who researched this. I think someone contacted the airline. I also save up plastic needles from children's craft kits. They are good for large hole canvas but get brittle.

squaredog Tue 03-Dec-13 21:50:31

Blimey, I never thought of that.........

penguinpaperback Tue 03-Dec-13 23:22:09

I've never tried to take any craft items on board but if you find you get to the check in desk and have something you can't take on board it's a good idea to take a large padded envelope, all stamped and ready to post home so at least you're not parted from some special needles, scissors.
I've done the flight a few times without stop overs. I took some books and wished I'd asked if circular knitting needles were acceptable. Have a lovely time. smile

Brendawymms Wed 04-Dec-13 08:41:30

Wooden knitting needles don't show up.

squaredog Wed 04-Dec-13 15:42:56

Thank you all x

Rosiebee Fri 13-Dec-13 16:59:27

I looked into needles on planes about this time last year. We were due to go to Hong Kong and I wanted to take some cross stitch with me to pass the time. I bought a cutter like the one suggested by Stansgran from Hobbycraft and I also contacted security at Manchester Airport about taking a needle on the plane. I had an email back saying there would be no problem. As it happened we didn't go - DH had a scary medical diagnosis about a week before we were due to leave. I've since had no problem sewing on European flights but in February we're attempting to get to HK again! I'll take my email with me from security with me, plus extra needles in hold luggage just in case. I might also contact Virgin to check with them as well. It will make such a difference to me to be able to pass some hours of a very long flight, sewing away. You can buy some compact xstitch kits that make up into book marks. Enjoy your trip smile