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Anyone used a Sissix?

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Mishap Sat 17-May-14 14:15:50

Are they any good. I am looking into it for cutting quilting shapes.

Versavisa Sun 18-May-14 08:16:25

I was thinking of buying one a couple of years ago, for paper cutting, but after research I bought a Silhouette Cameo instead.

Silverfish Sun 18-May-14 19:31:11

what is a sissix ? a Silhouette Cameo sounds like a panty girdle that our mothers might have worn lol

Elegran Sun 18-May-14 20:00:19

It is a gadget for cutting shapes from cloth, paper, foam etc. It takes different sharp cutters, like shaped pastry cutters.

Silverfish Sun 18-May-14 20:05:28

Many thanks, I do lots of arty craft things and im always curious to hear about something new.

GadaboutGran Mon 19-May-14 16:15:19

Silverfish, you must be a young grandmother if it was your mother wearing a pantie girdle & not yourself!

Silverfish Tue 20-May-14 20:30:03

my mother has worn panty gridles since they were invented. am an ancient granny lol

Silverfish Tue 20-May-14 20:31:38

girdles not griddles

GadaboutGran Wed 21-May-14 10:54:20

But didn't you too?

Mishap Wed 21-May-14 11:08:52

Now how did we get onto undergarments?! - I still don't know if it's worth investing in a Sissix!!!

Elegran Wed 21-May-14 11:15:44

Look online, Mishap you will find thousands of people selling the shapes they have cut with their Sizzix, on card-making sites, and so on. You might decide it is cheaper, quicker and simpler to just buy shapes from them, and bypass getting the machine completely (but it sounds fun to play with, though you have to buy each shaped die)

Mishap Wed 21-May-14 11:35:16

Yes - I can get the fabric squares that someone else has cut, but they really are hugely expensive and I was wondering if longer term it might be cheaper to DIY. However each die for each new shape costs £13.50! - but I only need squares, triangles and possibly hexagons; and I could create my own triangles from the squares.

Elegran Wed 21-May-14 12:08:18

Do you have a cutting board and a [[ rotary cutter]]? You can pile up several pieces of material and lay a metal ruler on them, and cut through them all at once. You could perhaps cut a cardboard template and draw round that onto the top layer to mark out where you want to cut.

Elegran Wed 21-May-14 12:09:44

Something went wrong with that cutter link. Sorry. But it does seem to work.

Mishap Wed 21-May-14 13:29:17

Yes I have a rotary cutter which went blunt after about 20 minutes of use! I gave up on it.

Elegran Wed 21-May-14 13:35:03

Mine lasted longer than that, but it did need a new blade after a while. A pity they can't be sharpened.

I had a very useful long thin cutting board, very handy for cutting long strips. I leaned it against the back of a worktop to store it. The worktop was not sealed to the wall and the board vanished for ever down into a black hole.