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Crochet mug cosy

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Galen Sat 17-May-14 14:33:28

I've just been sent a pattern for a mug cosy to keep your tea/coffee warm while being distracted by GN .

GadaboutGran Mon 19-May-14 09:38:30

Good question Ariadne - doesn't crochet have lots of holes? Won't the heat escape? Something for Galen to do on her next Cruise - & she could sell them to other passengers to pay for it.

Elegran Mon 19-May-14 09:43:17

Ah, but everyone knows that it is the holes that do the insulation. so obviously the bigger the holes, the better it will insulate. Maybe just tying one short length of wool round the mug would be best, in a really attractive colour, of course.

That would make the mug of coffee more noticeable, too, so that you would remember to drink it before it was chilled.


JessM Mon 19-May-14 12:20:49

Agree it is the holes that do the insulation elegran but hang on a minute - a string vest will only keep you warm if it has a garment on top of it. Maybe a double skinned design of cup warmer needed?

Galen Mon 19-May-14 12:58:21

Do you think an inner 2ply and outer Arran or vice versa would be best?

annodomini Mon 19-May-14 13:01:50

The holey cover on the inside, Aran on the outer layer would be my preference.

Elegran Mon 19-May-14 13:27:05

Definitely finer better quality wool on the inside, to avoid irritation next to the porcelain. Perhaps a lace pattern, with ergonomicaaly placed holes? then a nice thick top layer, arran or chunky. How about fisherman's rib?

Just thought - we are forgetting about the top! Doesn't a third of our heat loss take place from our heads? It needs a hat, detachable of course or we would not be able to drink from the mug without losing all that heat, that would begate the whole concept. Better have it joined to the rest at some point though, or they will get separated in the kitchen drawer (where everything goes missing)

Elegran Mon 19-May-14 13:27:52


Galen Mon 19-May-14 13:31:04

The lid need not be detachable, you cut put a straw through one of the holes to crink through.

Galen Mon 19-May-14 13:31:19

Drink through

Elegran Mon 19-May-14 13:43:07

Hot coffee through a straw. An interesting concept.

GadaboutGran Mon 19-May-14 16:18:44

Begates, Elegran, my head is beginning to crink Galen thinking about this most worthwhile of topics.