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thatbags Thu 29-May-14 07:20:44

I should say Amazing paper sculpture.

Anne58 Thu 29-May-14 07:51:35


Galen Thu 29-May-14 08:30:55


Agus Thu 29-May-14 08:32:57

That's incredible!

ffinnochio Thu 29-May-14 08:45:35

Wonderful. They bring to my mind fantastical sea shells. smile

Iam64 Thu 29-May-14 08:54:32

Paper sculpture is fantastic isn't it. There was a great exhibition at Manchester City Art gallery last year

annodomini Thu 29-May-14 09:22:07

I wish I'd known about that Iam. They are out of this world!

JoyBloggs Thu 29-May-14 09:32:56

Want one, NOW!