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overthehill Thu 22-Apr-21 13:23:57

What a revelation. I'm knitting myself a cardigan and so many stitches on the back made it difficult on the medium sized needle and I don't like long ones, they get in the way. I bought myself the Zing posh circular needle and it is wonderful.
All the stitches can be pushed aside. As it get larger the weight is on your lap and not straining your wrists, less lightly to lose a needle when you go to put it away (down the sofa with me). What's not to love, circular from now on for me.

LadyGracie Thu 22-Apr-21 13:55:58

I agree overthehill they’re so much easier to use. I like them so much that I bought a set with interchangeable needles, longer cords for more stitches.

tanith Thu 22-Apr-21 14:18:02

They certainly are a revelation.

Nannagarra Thu 22-Apr-21 14:26:17

I also use them for knitting back and forth, not just in the round. They’re smaller, easily transported when I meet the K and N group, I’m not going to poke someone sitting next to me and there’s no likelihood of me losing a needle.
I tend to go for fixed ends now for, as much as I tighten them, they eventually work loose. The interchangeable points with varying cord lengths are still in use from time to time.

Niobe Thu 22-Apr-21 14:48:11

My mum was an avid knitter and when she died I inherited her ( vast) collection of knitting needles. I kept all the circular ones and donated all the straight ones to a charity shop. She never used the straight needles since she discovered the circular ones and neither did I for the same reason as previous posters have already stated.

Callistemon Thu 22-Apr-21 15:09:19

I just knitted a large garment on circular needles, back and forth, having resisted using them for years.

Yes, so much better on the wrists.

I bought a KnitPro set with interchangeable points so they are versatile for different yarns.
(Hope that is not advertising)

Callistemon Thu 22-Apr-21 15:10:39

Nannagarra I wondered if they might work loose but they didn't - they come with a little gadget to tighten them.

SueDonim Thu 22-Apr-21 15:25:22

I’ve got a couple of circular needles and found that items grow very quickly using them, but I find that having to keep moving stitches from the flexible part to the needle part is annoying. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? I like short straight needles, which is fine as I mostly make children’s items, not adult ones.

Witzend Sun 25-Apr-21 08:29:01

I only first used one recently when knitting scarves for charity - 270 sts IIRC, so too many for ordinary needles.
Took me a while to get used to it, though.

SueDonim, the first I used was very old, inherited from my mother, and it was very difficult to move the knitting from the fixed to the bendy bit.
I looked online for a new one which is very smooth and easy.

nanna8 Sun 25-Apr-21 08:33:32

I must try them for jumpers. I have only used them for socks and beanies so far.

NotSpaghetti Sun 25-Apr-21 09:27:03

I'm another convert too.
I don't do a lot of knitting to be honest but find them very easy.