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SueSocks Wed 04-Aug-21 03:36:33

I can knit, but don't have the patience to do a major project these days. I have always wanted to learn how to crochet. I have looked for classes in the area, there aren't any. There are many YouTube videos, hard to know which to choose, so does anyone have any experience of teaching themselves to crochet? Any hints? Are there any YouTube channels that you can recommend? Thank you!

Chardy Wed 04-Aug-21 06:43:19

Bella Coco was a favourite of everyone in the group where we learnt to crochet. Here's her absolute beginners link

BlueBelle Wed 04-Aug-21 07:49:24

I used to be able to crochet really well and made some beautiful dresses for my girls in silk cotton including their christening gowns but after having not done any for about 35 plus years I bought myself a simple ( I thought) book and it was like a foreign language I couldn’t pick it up at all but this winter I m going to have a real go I can remember some of the stitches but the pattern seemed so different
It doesn’t help because American and British stitches can be different can’t they

ginny Wed 04-Aug-21 07:56:31

I taught myself from a book called Crochetpedia. by. Julie Oparka.

silverlining48 Wed 04-Aug-21 10:27:19

I just had a look at Bella link and plan to give crochet a try. Thanks Chardy.

Bluebellwould Wed 04-Aug-21 10:30:08

Bluebelle, American and English stitches are the same just different names. Americans have single crochet instead of double for example, but the actual stitch is the same. You just have to make sure you know whether you are following an English or American pattern.

MiniMoon Wed 04-Aug-21 11:42:40

In find there are more American patterns online than there are British. I am now bi-lingual in crochet terms.
I to second Bella Coco. Another one to look at is The Crochet Crowd. Mikey is a good teacher.

annodomini Wed 04-Aug-21 11:56:24

I had some lessons a few years ago from a young woman who ran a small craft shop in the village, but soon after managing to complete a granny square, I took a tumble and damaged a finger on my right hand. When that recovered, I had lost the knack which I'd only just acquired. Perhaps I will have another go at it.

Ailidh Wed 04-Aug-21 12:17:00

I was recommend Bella Coco too. Also Attic24 does lovely, free patterns, very well written.

Chardy Wed 04-Aug-21 13:08:36


I just had a look at Bella link and plan to give crochet a try. Thanks Chardy.

You're welcome silverlining48

allium Wed 04-Aug-21 13:15:26
Blossom Crochet on Youtube also has a good range of beginner videos where you are talked through the stitches. Hope you find something.

aggie Wed 04-Aug-21 13:18:42

A lot of the Crochet Magazines you can buy have very simple diagrams near the back showing all the stitches .
I found that a great help when a teacher at a craft class told me I was doing it all wrong , but couldn’t show me where I had gone wrong !
My family are getting a bit tired of my constant supply of throws now , but I love making them 😉

BlueBelle Wed 04-Aug-21 14:28:14

Oh yes I totally realise they are the same bluebellewould but the names make it muddling (for me anyway doesn’t take a lot to muddle me anyway nowadays) 😂

Gingster Wed 04-Aug-21 14:30:46

I’ve crocheted on and off for years. I’ve recently made a baby’s blanket and in the last couple of years I e made all the GC a blanket each. (8of them).
This last week we’ve had DS1 and family to stay and DIL and the two girls (12 and 15) asked me to teach them how to crochet. They all took to it so well and have sent me pics of what they have achieved since they’ve been home. As DIL said it’s quite addictive.
I’ve just made some coasters - you tube Bella coco. Very easy to follow

Gingster Wed 04-Aug-21 14:31:41

These are the gds efforts. 👍

Callistemon Wed 04-Aug-21 14:47:14

Yes, I did about 2 years ago using books and YouTube but need to progress to different stitches and patterns.

I find Bella Coco good, in fact I'm just about to look up her YouTube video about scalloped borders around a blanket.

There was also a very good YouTube video by an older Swedish? or Finnish woman but I've forgotten her name and hope someone can remember it.

Callistemon Wed 04-Aug-21 14:48:39

There was another similar thread a few days ago with some useful links.

Callistemon Wed 04-Aug-21 14:51:28

Apologies - it was about knitting but posters mentioned crochet too.

SueSocks Thu 05-Aug-21 11:24:49

Gingster, they are lovely, how incredible that your grandchildren did these. Not sure that I will progress as quickly as them.

SueSocks Thu 05-Aug-21 11:26:26

Thank you everyone for your replies. I will look at Bella Coco and I've made a note of the books that you suggested.
I appreciate your help.