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Pompoms, calling all knitters!!

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Namsnanny Sat 25-Sep-21 12:13:32

I make them the old fashioned way, 2 pieces of card wind wool around and cut, then slide a piece of the same wool between card and tie tightly.
BUT.. as I like fat pompoms, sometimes the individual threads start to come loose, especially when children pull (as they will) at them.
Does anyone have experience of tying off the pompom with something different, which might hold threads better?
I've actually wondered about putting a small blob of glue in the centre, but dont want to mess up.

MiniMoon Sat 25-Sep-21 12:26:45

I never have success with pom poms. They always are too loose, I never manage to tie the centre tightly enough.
These days I make loopy pom poms using a crochet hook and chain stitch. You can make them any size.
Here's a pattern to help

Namsnanny Sat 25-Sep-21 12:49:18

Thanks minimoon that's thoughtful of you. I'll take a look!

Blossoming Sat 25-Sep-21 13:49:40

My mother used to knit a small ball instead, there are loads of patterns online if you Google.

User7777 Sat 25-Sep-21 13:51:09

I have a friend who makes her poem poems by winding wool round a chair back. She uses a chair with wooden poles sticking up above the chair back. Then ties in sections all the way along. Tightly if course. The cuts wool between the ties. Hey presto, pom poms all made instantly

User7777 Sat 25-Sep-21 13:51:36

Pom poms. Sorry auto correct

Witzend Sat 25-Sep-21 19:21:21

When I’ve made my Big Fat Father Christmases, the pattern had a knitted, stuffed white ball on the end of his hat - it looked fine. I shall soon be knitting a couple of child-sized Santa hats in fluffy-ish yarn, so might try the ball idea for those, instead of the specified pom-poms. At least they won’t be able to pull them to bits.

Blossoming Sat 25-Sep-21 19:24:12

I think that may be why my mother used to put them on the ends of my scarves witzend

Namsnanny Sat 25-Sep-21 19:33:25

I like the stuffed ball idea for FC witzend (Blossoming). But I'm not so sure on a childs hatconfused
I Probably should make it then ask for opinions.

Ali08 Sun 26-Sep-21 01:29:30

Wet string. As it dries it tightens up.

Namsnanny Mon 27-Sep-21 11:49:42

Wow Ali08 A scientific answer grin.
That's worth a try, Thank you!

Witzend Sat 16-Oct-21 09:35:35

I managed to make a knitted ‘bobble’ for a child’s Santa hat, in fluffy white yarn. I adapted the pattern from Jean Greenhowe’s big Father Christmas’s hat (on much smaller needles) - it’s turned out fine. The yarn is the fluffy King Cole Cuddles Chunky (used for the whole hat) so it’s not remotely obvious that it’s not a proper pom-pom. But nobody will be able to pick it to bits.

Witzend Sat 16-Oct-21 09:36:41

I used rather bigger needles, is what I meant.

OurKid1 Sat 16-Oct-21 09:39:23

Can you crochet? If so, maybe consider crocheting a single chain to tie off the centre. That way, you'll get a bit of stretch, which should mean you can tie a tighter tie (!) around the middle. A pom pom maker makes the tying off bit easier too.