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Millie22 Fri 22-Apr-22 10:54:41

🐝 Sewing Bee is back 🐝 next Wednesday with a new presenter.

Joseanne Fri 22-Apr-22 10:56:17

Can't wait. Some of the creations are amazing. And for once, proper children's garments.

Joseanne Fri 22-Apr-22 10:56:40

Thank you Millie22.

LauraNorderr Fri 22-Apr-22 11:04:23

Thanks for the heads up Millie. I love this show even though my own ability, or lack of, is mainly confined to hemming and button sewing.
So many talented people with wonderful ideas beautifully carried out.

Grandmabatty Fri 22-Apr-22 11:10:18

I am looking forward to watching it. That's telly on a Wednesday for the next ten weeks sorted.

annodomini Fri 22-Apr-22 11:16:30

I enjoy watching people who are skilled in tasks I have never fully mastered or never attempted (like the craftspeople in The Repair Shop). The contestants selected for the Sewing Bee are so creative in their concepts and so skilled in carrying out their ideas that they make compulsive viewing for me.

AreWeThereYet Fri 22-Apr-22 14:08:55

I'm looking forward to this too. Like annodomini I enjoy watching people doing something they do well. I've learnt a few things too. During the first lockdown I made myself a sleeveless blouse out of an old, barely used, white cotton sheet and added a thin navy band round the bottom with bias binding. I do a lot of alterations and remake things but don't usually make stuff from patterns - I was chuffed to bits with how effective it looked, and all because of the Sewing Bee πŸ˜ƒ

JessK Fri 22-Apr-22 14:09:30

Really looking forward to the show. Hoping Sara Pascoe is a good new host of the show.
Hope to get a lot of inspiration to get my sewing machine out!

Lizzynan Fri 22-Apr-22 14:14:43

Been looking forward to this again.. Inspires me to finish seeing the quilt for my granddaughter which is still in pieces

Susie42 Fri 22-Apr-22 14:54:55

I'm hoping that the contestants will have a good all round knowledge of sewing as some seem not to know how to do certain techniques such as invisible zips or bound buttonholes for example. Also, due to time restrictions, very few items are properly finished off, I was taught that garments should look as good on the inside as on the outside.

I think contestants are chosen on personality rather than sewing skills.

AreWeThereYet Fri 22-Apr-22 15:03:49

I think contestants are chosen on personality rather than sewing skills.

I think they are on all television shows, to get a varied group - who wants to watch a bunch of drones sitting at sewing machines, all doing the same things.

I agree it would be nice if they all had the same level of skills, I feel sorry for some people who can't put a zip in and don't know where to put their darts. But then it's their choice to go on the show, they know there are likely to be more skilled people on there. And sometimes they learn very fast indeed.

Joseanne Fri 22-Apr-22 15:11:09

I think recently it was doctors who actually won because their stitching was so good! Wasn't that Serena and Claire?

Sparklefizz Fri 22-Apr-22 15:15:32

I would love to be let loose in their haberdashery!

Joane123 Fri 22-Apr-22 15:53:02

Really looking forward to the programme - I love it.

muse Fri 22-Apr-22 20:04:59

Excellent. My favourite part is the Transformation challenge.
I’ll miss Joe but Sara Pascoe should be good.

lixy Fri 22-Apr-22 20:13:46

Really looking forward to this - a riot of imaginative constructions.

muse I’ll miss Joe but Sara Pascoe should be good.
My thoughts exactly.

karmalady Sat 23-Apr-22 09:41:11

I really enjoyed the first series. Like Susie said, chosen on personality rather than sewing skills. Since then I could take it or leave it. We could do with some proper learning programmes, there are many budding sewists out there, just needing to be shown the skills. Sewing bee is entertainment, not teaching. Inspiring perhaps, showing what can be done from a piece of flat cloth

Millie22 Wed 27-Apr-22 21:02:27

Some lovely dresses tonight and I thought Sara Pascoe did well as the new host.

Joseanne Wed 27-Apr-22 22:01:06

I liked the new setting, the peaceful Yorkshire countryside which was quite the antithesis of the busy, industrious tasks happening in the mill. Some of the wrap over dresses were very classy.
The person who left shouldn't really have been there in the first place.

karmalady Thu 28-Apr-22 06:19:00

The skirt was a good start and the dresses were lovely. A couple of the contestants had no clue, I wonder what made them apply.

Calendargirl Thu 28-Apr-22 06:37:16

A couple of the contestants had no clue, I wonder what made them apply?

A chance of 15 minutes of fame on the telly?

Nana3 Thu 28-Apr-22 06:38:10

Some of the men are new sewers, they're out of their depth, I feel sorry for them. It's television though and highly edited πŸ˜€

M0nica Thu 28-Apr-22 07:10:11

The purpose of telvision programmes is to entertain and few programmes would survive from Time Team to The Repair shop if we saw them done dead straight. Of course it is highly edited, any tv show is, and last night I thought we saw an engaging and varied group of competent sewers, finding that working under pressure and with time constraints made mistakes. Don't we all?

Imagine instead, 10 contestants all professional level amateurs, who are all as dull as ditchwater and churning out almost perfect garments, with the judgement of winners and losers being based on millimetre differences in a seam or the thread used to sew on a button.

Sewing Bee would not have lasted as long or been so eagerly looked forward to were it like that

Yes beautifully finished insides would be nice - but there are time restrictions, but last night we were shown some really wearable dresses and it wouldn't surprise me to hear that at least some of those dresses will have a last few tweaks done later and then will be worn as any other dress would be.

Lucca Thu 28-Apr-22 07:48:32

I liked the African print wrap dress it floated nicely, not that I’d ever wear a wrap dress…

H1954 Thu 28-Apr-22 07:59:45

I would have loved to work with some of those wool tweed fabrics! Some of the skirts were quite 'wearable' and the dresses too.
Must agree though, some of the contestants were out of their comfort zone but I guess the producers are keen to create a programme showcasing all capabilities and skill levels.
GBSB is compulsory viewing in our house.