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Is anyone into cardmaking

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Bonpen Tue 28-Jun-22 13:46:38

I've been making for years but now it's almost impossible to sell them. Has anyone found anywhere online to sell successfully. To use up stock I've been making for charity shops which is enjoyable but even they are inundated with handmade cards. Such a shame as it's lovely to be creative. Any cardmakers please get in touch.

mayisay Tue 28-Jun-22 13:54:57

I used to make cards, but apart from 80th birthday cards during lockdown haven't done so for a few years. I agree that it was difficult to sell them, and charity shops won't take them if they already sell their own. Also, the shop where I bought the paper etc closed down, so I did too!

NotSpaghetti Tue 28-Jun-22 17:13:41

Are you assembling from components or are you say, litho printing, watercolouring, or otherwise "starting from scratch"?

If you are entirely making from your own talent and they are basically tiny works of art, I think you will find local museums and galleries may be happy to have them.
I know a number of people that sell this way - and used to do so myself.

Sapphire24 Tue 28-Jun-22 18:33:20

I haven't made cards for about a year, lost my mojo to crocheting. However just recently refurbished my craft room, so hoping to get back into it. Over a period of about 11 years I've made approx 4,000 cards. My selling outlet was to family and friends, and cards made for personal use. I tried to sell on eBay but there's so much competition I gave it up. There are lots of selling platforms though if you're wanting to sell that way. X

aggie Tue 28-Jun-22 18:39:16

I still make cards for family and friends , but have given up trying to sell them
I still get asked to do a special card by old clients , if I make for them I don’t really charge what it really costs
Selling took a lot of the fun out of card making , and some people sniffed at home made cards , I sniffed back and said my cards were hand crafted 😊

H1954 Tue 28-Jun-22 18:45:15

I don't make cards but I do sew, I have found that people will accept items as gifts but don't want to pay for them despite the fabrics being top quality, pre shrunk and individually hand crafted.

I had designed and crafted a particularly good oven mitt, when I tried selling them people would offer excuses like 'I use a tea towel' and other excuses to not pay but would have accepted them for free.

These is no recognition and little respect for quality these days. On the other hand, we have a family member who makes cards, they sent one to me recently for my birthday and it looked like it had been thrown together, clearly her heart is no longer in it.

nexus63 Tue 28-Jun-22 19:11:22

i got into the habit years ago of buying blank cards and postcards and framing them, i still have a few around the house, maybe you could get cheap frames and sell them on ebay, if you are not looking for lot's of money it might be a way of getting something back. you could always try vinted, i know there is people that sell homemade things on that.