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Triplet baby bunnies

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Witzend Fri 01-Jul-22 14:15:10

Just finished No. 3, phew.
I was planning on quadruplets, but not sure I can be bothered with another - the sewing up of the bunny is a monumental fiddle, esp. getting the eyes and face right.
The basket is a doss by comparison!

Zoejory Fri 01-Jul-22 14:17:36

Oh how absolutely fabulous! Love, love, love ❤️

crazyH Fri 01-Jul-22 14:19:55

Soooooooo cute 🥰

AGAA4 Fri 01-Jul-22 14:34:57

They are lovely. You are so talented.

Grannybags Fri 01-Jul-22 16:23:15

They’re gorgeous!

Blossoming Fri 01-Jul-22 16:24:07

So cute ❤️

SunshineSally Fri 01-Jul-22 16:26:46

Oh wow - they are lovely. I so wish I was talented in something! Well done 👏

Joseanne Fri 01-Jul-22 16:30:02

Wow, that looks like intricate work. Lovely 💘.

Witzend Fri 01-Jul-22 16:32:43

Thank you for all kind comments!
I hope they’ll go down as well at the charity sale - it’s not till September though.

glammagran Fri 01-Jul-22 16:34:08

Absolutely gorgeous.

Kate1949 Fri 01-Jul-22 16:35:47

Those are delightful

timetogo2016 Fri 01-Jul-22 16:38:37

Beautifull bunny`s Witzend.

Sweetpeasue Fri 01-Jul-22 16:45:45

Awww! These are so sweet. Made me smile. Lovely.

Whiff Sat 02-Jul-22 17:00:08

They will be snapped up at the sale they are beautiful.

JackyB Sun 03-Jul-22 06:32:17

Flopsy Mopsy and Cottontail!

FannyCornforth Sun 03-Jul-22 06:59:59

I knew it was going to be these gorgeous little bunnies! They are adorable, and you are so clever!

denbylover Sun 03-Jul-22 07:12:22

Aren’t they absolutely beautiful, so pretty.

Joseanne Sun 03-Jul-22 07:20:23

The pink one looks the cheekiest. The yellow one looks more laid back!

Witzend Sun 03-Jul-22 09:01:31

I love the names, JaxkyB! I never thought of that. But it makes me think I really should get on with a number four - a Peter, of course.

Thank you again for all kind comments, but any cleverness is not mine - I reserve that for the person who worked out the pattern. I couldn’t do that if my life depended on it!

Witzend Sun 03-Jul-22 09:51:36

JackyB, wretched typo.