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What the younger generation missed! Do we?

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Poppyjo Tue 28-Mar-23 03:35:41

With the fast pace of technology what common place items of yesteryear would the younger generation probably not know of which were common place on our lives?

For me it would be:-

Blue bag,
Beef press
Liberty bodice
Izal toilet paper.

FannyCornforth Tue 28-Mar-23 03:51:44

I’m 51 (not exactly a spring chicken) and I have no idea what two of those things are!

FannyCornforth Tue 28-Mar-23 03:55:41

Oh, hang on, I’ve just remembered what a blue bag is for (I think!)

NotSpaghetti Tue 28-Mar-23 06:44:56

The beef press and liberty bodice were never in my life so I expect no-one is likely to miss those.

Izal was horrible so I won’t miss that.

NanaDana Tue 28-Mar-23 07:06:11

Mangle, poss tub, lemonade van, coal man, rag and bone man,
Nurses' hats. snake belts. Buttons A and B in a red phone box. That'll do.. smile

FannyCornforth Tue 28-Mar-23 07:09:31

NanaDana I was thinking of phone boxes, witj the chained up phone directories!
I can’t believe that I ever put the revolting hand set anywhere near face.

NanKate Tue 28-Mar-23 07:41:17

Mascara where you had to spit on the brush and mix with the mascara, yuk !

Pre sanitary towels or tampons, you had to make your own from material, even more yuk !!

No remote for the tv. Moving the aerial round to get better reception.

Fanny the blue bag was used in washing to whiten the clothes and could be used to put on wasp stings.

Toasting fork to toast bread in front of the open fire, delicious 😋

VioletSky Tue 28-Mar-23 07:52:59

I think new generations will never understand life before the thing in your hand that allows you to do or plan anything you want to do with your time

Grannynannywanny Tue 28-Mar-23 07:55:57

A paraffin heater for a backup form of heating.

Going out to the roadside to the “paraffin man” with the empty container to buy a gallon of paraffin.

notgran Tue 28-Mar-23 08:11:17

I have to ask, Beef Press?

Auntieflo Tue 28-Mar-23 08:16:45

Also confused about the 'Beef Pesss'.
Would it have been a Meat Press? One of those things where you cook a Tongue! then curl it into the meat press, put on the lid and screw it down. When cold, remove from press, carve and serve with salad?

glammanana Tue 28-Mar-23 08:19:13

Blue bag for washing also inside crisps containing the salt.

nanna8 Tue 28-Mar-23 08:23:42

We didn’t even have tvs when I was very young. Most houses had a piano, though, including ours. We didn’t have cars, either, most of us. Most of us were slim, all that walking and running around. You could buy sweets for almost nothing and I used to go and buy my Dad’s senior service cigarettes for him in 5 s. They didn’t care that you were only 6 years old. We used to put oil on our skin so we would tan , no one knew about skin cancer.

Skydancer Tue 28-Mar-23 08:33:43

Curly perms
Stiff petticoats
Dansette record players
Blow lamps
Lemonade crystals

And soon it will be: torches and alarm clocks, both being on smartphones.

NanaDana Tue 28-Mar-23 08:49:59

Skydancer. Dansette record players! Oh yes. Blue or red? Also popping down to Woollies with my pocket money on a Saturday morning to buy the latest 45. Pick and mix with the change. smile

eazybee Tue 28-Mar-23 08:51:45

I had a liberty bodice, my doll had one too, and I have a seventy-five year old friend who regularly bemoans the lack of one; she searches regularly for adult ones in a northern market.

M0nica Tue 28-Mar-23 08:58:18

I have got a feeling of so whatery about this. Every generation since time immortal has not had things previous generations had, but so what?

NanaDana Tue 28-Mar-23 09:00:50

M0nica. Groan... grin

NanaDana Tue 28-Mar-23 09:13:26

A few more thoughts based around Christmas. Kaleidoscope, and for the stocking, sugar mouse, Happy Families card game, three colour torch, Jacks.

Parsley3 Tue 28-Mar-23 09:29:47

I wondered when this year's liberty bodice thread would appear.

dogsmother Tue 28-Mar-23 09:32:01

Freedom to go out to play and wander.

Yammy Tue 28-Mar-23 09:46:40


I wondered when this year's liberty bodice thread would appear.

I bet yours didn't have suspenders as my mother had, and would wonder if the younger generation would know what suspenders were, especially men's which my father wore.
A leather shaving strap my grandfather had to sharpen the blades and the meat safe and tin bath on the yard wall or if you lived in the north east mining community in the kitchen under a lift-up table top.

Yammy Tue 28-Mar-23 09:49:32


Oh, hang on, I’ve just remembered what a blue bag is for (I think!)

It was also used in very small quantities by confectioners to make the icing look white. Goodness knows what we were eating.

NanaDana Tue 28-Mar-23 09:53:55

Great cowboy film that, with James Stewart, John Wayne and Lee Marvin.. "The Man who shot Liberty Bodice"..

Caramme Tue 28-Mar-23 10:06:27

Mangles with big rubber rollers.
Rubber buttons on pyjamas etc so they didn’t break in the mangles.
Scrubbing boards.
Milk delivered in horse drawn carts (Scotland in the 60s).
Dad rushing out to scoop up any horse manure for the rhubarb bed.
Vesta risotto.
Milk bars.
Wedding receptions in Scotland, in a local hall, steak pie dinner, followed by Scottish country dancing - and lots of alcohol. A great time was had by all for a reasonable outlay.