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Anyone Suffered A Crafting Crisis? Pt. 2. Happy Outcome.

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Fairycakes Sun 04-Feb-24 13:32:52

After the really strange and hilarious attempt at crocheting a long-necked bear, I finally got there! I had to unravel several rows of stitches to make the neck the correct length. Goodness knows how it ended up so incredibly long and peculiar looking. I think I must have got carried away, or fallen into a day dream, hahaha!

The little guy had a bumpy ride along the way, including my husband thinking it highly amusing to hide it while I was out of the room. I didn't notice it hanging from the ceiling when I returned grin.

If anyone else fancies having a go, the pattern is free online:

Fairycakes Sun 04-Feb-24 13:35:03

Actually, it might be quite fun to see others' attempts at crocheting it, haha!

Callistemon21 Sun 04-Feb-24 14:35:30

He looks quite normal now!

Well done.

Esmay Sun 04-Feb-24 14:46:07

Thank goodness it's not just me with crafting !

I once made a scarf for my son .
You can go wrong with a scarf can you ?
The wool and the needles were much thicker than usual .
I actually prefer old fashioned two or three ply ( and have an ancient inherited stock ) and skinny needles if I knit .

I cast on .

People asked me what I was knitting and looking amused when I said a scarf .
They must have thought that my son was a giant like Hagrid .

And so it began ...

I did a lot of it on the train with the scarf growing heavier and heavier .

It the end , it came out well as a very successful TV blanket enjoyed by my son and his wife .

Fairycakes Sun 04-Feb-24 15:04:13

Goodness, Esmay, it must have been enormous 🀣🀣

Fairycakes Sun 04-Feb-24 15:06:42

Thank you, Callistemon21. I did wonder whether it would ever look right 😁

Esmay Sun 04-Feb-24 15:33:18

Fairycakes - I still laugh about it !
I was asked by my church to join their knitting group .

I'd rather not !

Instead , they are very happy with my floral contributions .

Grannybags Sun 04-Feb-24 16:58:52

He looks better!

TurtleDove Sun 04-Feb-24 17:02:31

I think he will be a well loved bear. I also knit toys for our youngest grandson.

Fairycakes Sun 04-Feb-24 17:20:21

I'm not sure who it will be for. My daughter can't accept any more, as she has 6 vacuum storage bags of toys I have made for three of the grandchildren. Umm, think I might have got carried away there. And even my mum was happy for me to take back some of the things I'd knitted for her bc she had no room 🀣.

keepcalmandcavachon Sun 04-Feb-24 20:56:20

He's gorgeous Fairycakes! A Lama-bear smile

Fairycakes Sun 04-Feb-24 21:32:20

Esmay don't give up on the knitting. It can be therapeutic 😁

Fairycakes Sun 04-Feb-24 21:35:23

Thank you, keepcalmandcavachon. Perhaps I should call him Lama πŸ˜†

Esmay Mon 05-Feb-24 11:01:11

Hi Fairycakes ,
I haven't quite given up on knitting !
I've got an idea for a blanket !
It's hard to find wool locally - I have to go further afield .

At the moment , I'm doing my Easter project for church -I'm on semi - bedrest so it's something that I pick up and put down when tired .

One day , I'm going to be able to knit myself a twin set !

Fairycakes Mon 05-Feb-24 15:44:29

That's something I have difficulty with, Esmay, knitting clothes. The sleeves are always massively long and have to be rolled up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Chocolatelovinggran Mon 05-Feb-24 20:07:01

A great result Fairycakes .

NotSpaghetti Tue 06-Feb-24 00:41:18

I love him. ❀️

Fairycakes Tue 06-Feb-24 08:24:59

Thank you all for your messages πŸ’–

Esmay Tue 06-Feb-24 11:05:41

Fairycakes :
I recall the day that my mother in law introduced me to the family , as a very nice girl , even though she is a Protestant (!) , who can't knit !

Gasps of horror !

But she can embroider and sew !

Clucks of approval !

Fairycakes Tue 06-Feb-24 13:18:42

That sounds similar to my mum's experience, Esmay. My dad's mum was always rather cool towards my mum, but when my mum showed her the baby clothes she had knitted (while pregnant for me) my nan, who was a skilled knitter and crocheted, was totally impressed. Mum said that that was the only time she managed to impress my father's mother 🀣🀣🀣

AskAlice Wed 21-Feb-24 16:25:08

Oh, he is lovely Fairycakes, so cute! I so wish I could crochet...

Fairycakes Wed 21-Feb-24 16:59:52

Thank you, AskAlice. Why not have a go at crochet? There are lots of tutorials on YouTube 😊

Witzend Wed 21-Feb-24 17:10:50

I love your bear, Fairycakes!

Fairycakes Wed 21-Feb-24 17:29:50

Thank you, Witzend 😊

yogitree Wed 21-Feb-24 17:37:20

Looks like he's meant to be cuddled. Success! He's great Fairycakes.

I once attempted to crochet a Christmas stocking for my granddaughter. It consisted of lots of hexagons. I still can't get it to join up in the shape of a sock!