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Discovered great site for free knitting patterns

16 lemonsqueezy

Try these!

7 Daisyanswerdo

Tea cosy

12 ninnynanny

Patchwork toddler blanket!

14 Jacey

patchwork and quilting

12 bagitha

British wool Olympic Cushion project

3 nipsmum

Cardigan to knit for 11/12 year old

3 Sook

Knitting patterns for generic wool.

7 nanapug

Creating a Treasure Basket

11 grandmaflump

Can you make a pillow-case dress?

6 glassortwo

bamboo knitting needles

26 Grannyjojo

Knitting machine

1 Mishap


13 Jacey

Modern baby clothes

32 Nannakate

Pegging rugscanvas

30 greenmossgiel

Leonardo Da Vinci- National Gallery

36 biggran

Easy patterns for toddlers

26 Maywalk

Baby crocheted trousers

4 Mishap

weight of 'old' balls of wool

2 Elegran

Churchill Memorial Fellowship grants - The Arts and the Older Person

4 GadaboutGran

Knitting little Bobble hats for fun and to help AgeUK

15 shysal

Entrelac knitting

5 nalhcib

More advice please.....

21 glammanana

Knitting a cushion

1 Granieee

Knitting to "Help the Aged"

2 Maniac

Advice of taking up painting

6 artygran

Selling your craft items

20 Elegran

What is Art?

3 crimson

Can anyone remember

2 Baggy


5 Sook

ARGH Miss Marple played by Jennifer Garner?

13 GoldenGran

reborn dolls

7 HildaW

Climbing frame

3 lucid

Extreme Knitting

6 Joan

Knitting & Spitting

8 SuzieB