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My knitted baby sleeves

11 Purplepixie

My (utterly unseasonal) prototype - thoughts on any more?

24 Gaunt47


19 Nellie098

Knitting novice needs help please

39 Harris27

Yesterday I made...Flower Fairy Cards

20 Carillion01

Printed cross stitch

13 supergabs1960

Banksy latest mural created in lockdown.

45 Shizam

Comfort Dolls easy knitting project.

32 bikergran

More crochet

27 Callistemon

Seeing for the NHS

7 granfromafar

Knitting novice needs help please :- Part 2

34 Doodledog

Headbands for Nurses.

12 Txquiltz

What are you wearing today?

47 grannysue05

Lurkers' week: calling crafty gransnetters!!

43 Nannytopsy

Amusing art re-creations

2 TillyTalbot

Having said the other day that I was going to make it....

6 Witzend

I need to resurrect my poor pirate!

17 mary51

Baby and toddler hat

8 Auntieflo

Knitted baby jumper

33 Witzend

At the risk of sounding completely bonkers....

8 Whitewavemark2

What can I make with this.

48 Kim19

What Makes a Landscape Beautiful?

6 Alexa

how to make a face mask

3 Alexa

Beginners Knitting pattern recommendations

3 SueDonim

Free pattern for a nice little Easter knit for children...

7 Callistemon


13 Nannarose

Need to be making something!

40 H1954

Best knit blanket designs

9 Callistemon

Socks - shall I bin them

55 Elegran

Dressmakers dummy.

12 M0nica

Large print knitting patterns

4 Grammaretto

Sewing Machine recommendations

17 Susie42

2nd Nativity set...

24 Witzend

11 year old GD with new sewing machine

34 Callistemon

Upcycling small furniture

32 NandiToBoys

Selling our arts & crafts

21 Chardy

Craft project son’s old football uniforms

2 Chardy

Research study on knitting, crochet and wellbeing (Reading University).

41 Callistemon

Photo albums

10 NotSpaghetti

Snoopy knitting pattern

4 curvygran950

Blankets for Australian animals

7 Esspee

christmas gifts

16 MawB

Wadding recommendations please!

10 H1954

The Sewing Forum

11 overthehill

Pinterest, am I being thick here?

40 Rosiebee

Aran yarns

14 Callistemon

Lavender bags

9 Chardy

Hand made presents for grandchildren

51 avajones77

Christmas! What should I do

4 inkcog

Sewing Advice Please Help

33 M0nica