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Not mine...

4 NanaandGrampy

Anyone had experience of selling on ETSY?

7 Dragonella

Special birthday cards

19 Callistemon

wear the clothes we sew for ourselves

31 Nannarose

making bunting

5 shysal

Drawing upside down

8 BradfordLass72

Knitting machine

22 jackfowler

Loom knitting

6 Jzpap

What can I knit next

30 Overthehills

Roman blinds

7 BBbevan

What are you making?

209 Grannyknot

Recommendations for and idiot friendly sewing machine

32 Rosiebee

Bright ideas, please!

20 Diggingdoris

Knits4kids website problem

1 supergabs1960

UFOs (unfinished objects)

32 Thorntrees

should i or not

5 travelsafar

Advice please

15 mrsmopp

Decorating a small plastic plant pot

18 eazybee

Celebrity painting challenge

22 Jane10

My other love - apart from knitting

21 Callistemon

Ideas for entertaining 9 yr old grandson

39 BradfordLass72

Making up knitting

20 pooohbear2811

Self adhesive filing tabs

4 fourormore

Anyone watching the Great British Sewing Bee?

48 M0nica

addicted to my knitting

39 LadyGracie

ideas please

6 ayse

Any spare baby knitting patterns?

11 Sallipop

Knitted nativity set - has anyone else made one?

62 Oldandverygrey

Mystery pattern.

29 Jalima1108

Worsted weight yarn

11 Jalima1108

Free Knitting Patterns

15 craftyone

Art in a sad time

5 LullyDully

Art in a sad time

1 LullyDully

Traditional beret pattern

7 Humbertbear

What is the most unusual item your grandchild has asked you to make for them?

52 Humbertbear

Cable needles

20 Auntieflo

Photos of things made

84 Karens's back.

8 Lisalou

Two strand knitting question

36 OmaforMaya

Knitted breasts!!

58 Maggiemaybe

Fabric online

14 Bathsheba

Chicken jumpers!

25 Happysexagenarian

Toddlers socks knitting pattern

5 Auntieflo

Deleted thread.

42 Persistentdonor

Twiddle muffs - ideas for texture?

7 Izabella

Novice buying a sewing machine, advice and recommendations please?

55 PernillaVanilla

Has anyone made this pirate?

6 Witzend

What age were you

127 SueSocks

U- tube gives me an inferiority complex

25 JoyBloggs

Nativity set/stable update!

16 Jalima1108