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adjusting squint doors

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em Wed 24-Aug-11 23:47:01

Posting this question on the Grandad forum but would appreciate help from any quarter! The doors on the base units in my kitchen used to hang straight and parallel but recently have become squint. Instead of a nice straight line along top and bottom I now see a drop of about an inch out of true. The hinges are these complicated left/right up/down to and fro thingies and apparently can be adjusted with a screwdriver. Any easy way to do this? Sorry if this sounds pathetic but I'm normally ok with DIY - just don't see where to start with this!!

nanna2five Thu 25-Aug-11 17:07:03

I have thesame problem, husband and I have spent many a happy half hour wrestling with ascrew driver to no avail.Hold the door up sweetie, I am told, that should do it, he says. Ilet go, and still a gap. Have given up now and accept it, after all as we age we all have bits that sag and drop!

pompa Fri 26-Aug-11 05:27:35

On the part of the hinge that fixes to the cabinet, you will have 2 adjusting screws. The one at the back locks the hinge in place and may have to be loosened a little to adjust the front screw. The front screw adjusts the angle at which the door hangs, turn it a couple of revolutions and see how that affects the hang of the door. If it is better, continue until the door hangs correctly, elsr turn it the other way. Once you have the door hanging level, the vertical position is adjusted by loosening the fixing screws and moving the hinges up/down on the cabinet. When done, make sure all the locking screws are tight.

em Fri 26-Aug-11 10:15:07

Thanks Pompa. Recently I've fiddled with them a bit and got nowhere largely because I couldn't work out which screw did what! Your explanation has helped so I'll try again and let you know how it goes. All the best for your other issue. x