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petallus Thu 17-Nov-11 08:26:57

I supppose I should be able to work it out for myself but can anyone tell me how to use bold when posting messages, and the funny faces etc.?

greenmossgiel Thu 17-Nov-11 09:27:20

For bold, put * before and after the word you want to use, and for the funny faces put [ before and ] after what the funny face means. Hence smile is the square bracket, with smile typed in, then the closed square bracket after it etc smile

glammanana Thu 17-Nov-11 09:28:13

petallus Above the no.8 you will see a star * type it in and the name you want and follow with another star *the words inside the star will become bold,to do emotions go to [ ] and put the brackets before and after the emotion you want ie [ ] and in between type grin or envy etc,have a few tries and preview your post to see if it turns out ok.grin

glammanana Thu 17-Nov-11 09:31:06

green you are much better than me in explaining things,must be the fact that I dyed my hair this week and the blondness had affected the grey matter,the grey matter being the brain not the hair confused

greenmossgiel Thu 17-Nov-11 09:41:35

glammanana - my grey (white) matter is all over my head and a bit of frazzled stuff inside it! I went to the hairdressers yesterday and she cut it so well.....and I looked not too bad at all, really. However, this morning, I'm back to my raggedy old self....old slippers, dressing gown with a Marmite stain on the collar.....I think anyone giving me a makeover would have a massive job ahead of them! I think it's a bit like silk purse/sow's ear syndrome! grin

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 17-Nov-11 09:42:17

Quick reminder that all the smileys and formatting options are under the 'add your comment' box. Just type the square bracketed phrase to get a smiley.

The smileys/bold/underline etc will show once you've clicked 'post message' or 'preview message' (not in the 'add your message here' box)

Hope that helps!

glammanana Thu 17-Nov-11 11:44:33

green same as me I can't have a snack on my knee without wearing it on a t-shirt or similar always have been a mucky pup !!! but I am house trained, how fab is it to be in dressing gown for as long as you want ,some days I just wear a track suit if not going out,my DCs often pop in and say "Oh been jogging then mum" as if shock

Annobel Thu 17-Nov-11 11:56:16

green and glamma - glad it isn't just me. I put on an old fleece jumper and a pair of jogging pants that have seen better days. Soup is the worst culprit, specially if it contains tomatoes! blush

glammanana Thu 17-Nov-11 12:57:49

Spag bol is the culprit in my house,never fails.

petallus Thu 17-Nov-11 19:01:08

Thanks everyone. Where I went wrong was I expected the bold/face etc. to appear in the original typed message whereas now I understand it only appears when previewing or posting the message. Greenmossgiel I'm a marmite fan as well but it does terrible things to the breath. So, I've put the stars in and here goes for the bold bit to come up.

petallus Thu 17-Nov-11 19:01:41

Actually it didn't come up for the preview but hurrah there it is in the actual post.

glammanana Thu 17-Nov-11 21:33:36

petallus well done you wine

petallus Fri 18-Nov-11 21:03:30

Thanks glammanana. I'd have a glass of wine if only I hadn't imposed a ban on alcohol for myself this week. And sugar including my beloved honey.

gracesmum Fri 18-Nov-11 21:08:13

I have this wonderful image of us all sitting around in joggers and sweatshirts and goonies with soup stains down our fronts, hair like a hedge, slippers - all that is missing is the fag janging out of the corner of the mouth and the hairnet and we'd be straight out of Andy Capp.
TG this is not Skype. Although actually I bet you are all in designer pencil skirts, silk shirts and Jimmy Choos (like me grin )

glammanana Fri 18-Nov-11 21:22:25

gracesmum here we go then,poshed up to-night,pink gingham jimjam bottoms,white t-shirt silver sparkly slippers and shorty pink dressing gown and the mop is tied up with a big black clip but looks a mess as to long to fit in the stupid clip,a bit of a "not to-night Josephine" look I think,I hope no one knocks on the door.blush

harrigran Fri 18-Nov-11 23:22:00

Yup, I am in joggers and a T shirt with a generous dollop of dinner down the front yet again grin

glammanana Sat 19-Nov-11 10:11:12

Dropped egg yolk down the front of T-shirt when having breakfast,there is no hope for me I think.grin

Annobel Sat 19-Nov-11 10:31:20

Think that must be a bit of muesli down my cleavage. blush