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Flying with toddlers

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clueless Mon 28-Nov-11 11:04:20

Has anyone got any tips on how to amuse a two year-old on an eight-hour flight?

Elegran Mon 28-Nov-11 11:08:42

Don't envy you that trip, clueless. Knockout drops would be handy. Failing that, how about a tape or CD of stories and songs - and earphones to spare everyone else from listening to them ad infinitum.

Carol Mon 28-Nov-11 11:23:19

My daughter has a travel dvd player and plays Bob the Builder, Peppa Pig and Mr Tumble over and over on long journeys.

absentgrana Mon 28-Nov-11 13:43:04

There should be a children's channel on the in-flight entertainment. That doesn't mean dozing off for adults as little ones wriggle, drop their headphones, etc. My daughter and son-in-law did manage a trip from New Zealand – more than three times as long – last year with a two-year-old and a three-year-old – but they were pretty tired when they got here.

wisewoman Mon 28-Nov-11 22:39:59

Portable 'DVD players are a life saver.

Also when one of my grandchildren was flying back from Australia with his parents I made up a bag full of little wrapped presents for him to open - one every hour or so when he got bored - things like a little car, a crayon and book, a little pack of plasticine , a finger puppet etc. Once I had collected lots of wee things I wrapped them individually so he could have the fun of unwrapping. According to his parents it worked very well.

Annobel Mon 28-Nov-11 23:11:10

It also depends on whether the flight is day or night-time. If the latter, the child might be encouraged to sleep; if daytime, you are likely to need to fill the time, though sleeping might be part of the programme. Some airlines will provide activity packs for children.

marti Sat 04-Feb-12 02:40:20

Depends on length and time. I like the idea of dvd and child's own favourites, they love the repetition which is handy. A techo family could download some apps for an Ipad. I worry about my UK family and long flight to Australia with a 2.4 year old coming up. I think it is best to get a late night flight from UK and a stop over for a day or even two and another night flight to Australia to maximise the sleeping time and opportunity to wear them out with activities during the day. I haven;'t had experience with any sort of medication for this age group but wouldn't blame anyone resorting to it.

Jacey Sat 04-Feb-12 18:37:49

Make sure you have their favourite blanket and cuddly packed in a bag can produce it as soon as you are seated.

If your airline is any good ...they'll let you on first you've time to settle and get organised before the make sure you go through the gate as soon as you are allowed.

And let them work off as much energy as possible whilst in the airport ...don't carry/push them everywhere.

Have recently done several long haul flights with babies/toddlers on board ...they've all been very good ask cabin staff for advice too!