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Marks and Spencer cheating

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pingu Fri 10-Feb-12 21:41:47

I ordered Xmas food 2 months before Xmas. Marks and Spencer promised me a voucher as a thank you for handing a deposit of 80% of the order value in advance. They emailed me to advise that the voucher would arrive by 30th November 2011. When nothing arrived, I wrote to them in December, but was totally ignored.
Then I called, and was fobbed off, allegedly their system was down and they promised to send me the voucher later in December. Nothing of course arrived in December, or January 2011 or February 2012. I am still waiting. Is it legal?
Have any of you had a similar experience?

Anne58 Fri 10-Feb-12 22:01:41

No, Pingu, but I suggest you either contact them again using the phrase " lost/losing confidence in you" (high profile brands hate that!) or (although I'm not a user of either medium) post something on their facebook or twitter thing.

Or as I refer to it ( tongue in cheek) within the office "Twitface"

Things like that can go fungal! grin sic

gracesmum Fri 10-Feb-12 22:44:27

When DD was a manager with M&S she told me that a letter to Head Office cost over £100 to process and the threat of one usually had a store manager eating humble pie. Was this M&S online or a store? I think a very strong letter, cc'd to CEO might be effective. Remember to include copies of the emails promising and then failing to deliver and you could also threaten to go to your local newspaper or even trading standards perhaps.

susiecb Sat 11-Feb-12 09:45:43

MY DH rarely complains formally about anything but when he does he goes to the top and has unfailingly had a good response e.g. the CEO of O2 rang him and 2 peers of the realm as company Chairs sorted two other complaints. He takes no prisoners!

expatmaggie Sat 11-Feb-12 17:42:37

When I was teaching Business English I worked on a text which said for every real written and stamped letter sent to head office there were a 100 unsatisfied cusromers who couldn't be bothered to write. Firms are wary of this situation
Then there was the case of an Irishman who wanted to buy the field adjoining his land and the local church. All failed until he finally wrote to the Pope and he was granted permission to buy it.

Best write a proper letter to the head office. if I have complaint I never phone but sometimes a fax does the trick.
Don't give up.

nuttynorah Sat 11-Feb-12 21:41:21

A couple of years ago, we ordered (& paid for) our Christmas turkey from M&S. When we turned up on Christmas Eve to collect it, we were told that their suppliers hadn't fulfilled the order and they had nothing to give us. We were stunned to find ourselves on Christmas Eve with no Christmas dinner but, luckily, we got something elsewhere. We barely got an apology, never mind a gesture of goodwill. Stupidly, I didn't complain.

gracesmum Sat 11-Feb-12 21:47:48

I think I would have staged a sit-in and refused to move until they offered me an acceptable substitute.

yogagran Sat 11-Feb-12 21:54:22

I had been having trouble getting one of the electricity supply companies to respond to a long standing problem that I had with them, they continually ignored my telephone calls and emails. I read a newspaper article that stated that a brief request on Twitter works well with large companies so I joined Twitter, wrote my Tweet and, lo and behold, within one hour - yes one hour - the problem was resolved.

pinkprincess Sun 12-Feb-12 23:55:25

I went to the top with John Lewis once-over a toilet door.My local branch had a cubicle door missing in the ladies loos in the cafe.This went on for weeks, only four cubicles and always a queue of women complaining about the missing door.I verbally complained to the staff still nothing done.It was over the Christmas period so I wrote to Head Office and mentioned the fact that with all the profits they were making at this time surely a plywood toilet door could be replaced.I recieved a letter of apologies and lo and behold within a week toilet had a door!.

goldengirl Mon 13-Feb-12 21:20:06

Good for you pinkprincess. If more people made their points in writing things would gradually improve and everyone would benefit

harrigran Tue 14-Feb-12 09:56:58

That happened to us too nuttynorah arrived at M&S on Christmas eve to be told "no Turkey" but DH stood his ground and said he wasn' budging, lo and behold one appeared.
My DH got bumped off a flight from India but needed to be back in England because of his job, a phone call to Chairman Of BA in the middle of busy check-in got him a seat on the plane.

Annobel Tue 14-Feb-12 10:14:08

Perhaps we should all keep a database handy with contact details for Chairmen/women (huh!) and CEs of companies we deal with frequently! That must be a good use for a smartphone.

bagitha Tue 14-Feb-12 10:17:27

phoenix, your post from Friday at ten o'clock is chuckletastic! grin

JessM Tue 14-Feb-12 10:44:13

I have addressed complaint letters to CEO of M and S in the past, and got a barely civil response from a minion. They don't get customer service. They don't even get the fact that it rude to barge around their store, expecting customers to dodge out of the way!
Hints on how to get past call centre queues would be useful.
If you have any complaints about anything public, or kind of public (e.g. utilities) it is always worth contacting your MP.I have been on receiving end of such MP letters and everyone scurries about to placate them.
Not much point in doing this if company a private one.