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Annika Sun 04-Mar-12 10:20:31

Can any one remember the free school magazines/ paper that was given out in lesson to each pupil (I seem to remember it was when student teachers took a lesson ) in the 1950s/1960s.
If so what on earth was it called. DH asked me this morning and I cannot recall the name of it.
It was an educational magazine and I know in one issue there was a piece about cocoa, and each pupil had to send away for a free cardboard (large scale) cocoa bean to use in the lesson .hmm

wotsamashedupjingl Sun 04-Mar-12 10:40:49

I think this one still goes into some classrooms.

bagitha Sun 04-Mar-12 10:45:26

Comes into some homes too! smile

wotsamashedupjingl Sun 04-Mar-12 11:20:14

I gave my grandson a three month trial Bagitha. No go! He reckoned it was too educational for him! shock Naughty boy.

He does love his junior National Geographic one though. I think it's probably all in the presentation. I will try again later on when the younger one is old enough.

(Since I put up that previous post, I've been sitting here reading online pages of Aquila myself! It is good. I've learned something!)

bagitha Sun 04-Mar-12 11:25:34

DD loves it and she has acquired some penfriends via the letters page.

glammanana Sun 04-Mar-12 11:52:02

bagitha You DD will learn so much from her penfriends, much more educational than any homework (another thread) may she go on to make loads more friends in the future I still write to my friend Genevieve in Toulouse and have done since we where both 12/13.

bagitha Sun 04-Mar-12 13:17:11

That's what I think re homework too, glam, and I hope she does keep in touch with the penpals.