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durbanlady Sun 06-May-12 20:03:02

I am visiting my 11 year old granddaughter in France in a few days and she has asked for some English girls magazines. I have no idea what 11 year old girls are reading, can anyone give me some ideas please.

Bags Sun 06-May-12 20:09:38

My eleven year old daughter loves Jacqueline Wilson books and her Magazine. I think it's called the Official Jacqueline Wilson Mag. Published by DC Thomson (who else?). Just started a subscription to it but you can buy it in newsagents.

We also get "Aquila" which DD likes just as much even though it's quite different.

durbanlady Sun 06-May-12 20:34:27

Thanks very much, Bags, I appreciate your help, I will have a look for it tomorrow.

Bags Sun 06-May-12 21:00:05

You're welcome. Hope you find something she likes.