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When cuddles mean "Ouch"!

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Sue162 Sat 19-May-12 16:14:05

I should be grateful for some advice from all you sensible people! I am recovering from a major tummy operation (rectopexy - aaaagh) and am still very sore. I haven't seen our DGD who is just over two years of age for two weeks and am hoping to be well enough to see her next week. Problem is, how do I explain to her that Nanny can't pick her up or have big cuddles at the moment? I don't want to make her awkward with me but have to explain that Nanny isn't up to normal romps at the moment! Any ideas, please?

Bags Sat 19-May-12 16:16:57

Just tell her. I fell off my bike and broke my elbow when DD1 was only seventeen months old. She understood that I could only use one arm to cuddle her and would come to the correct side and snuggle in.

I think a two year old will understand if you tell her your tummy hurts but as soon as it's better she can climb on you as usual.


Anagram Sat 19-May-12 16:17:19

Couldn't your son or daughter explain to her? I've found that even very young children can understand the concept of an adult having a 'poorly tummy' or whatever words you use. You might have to remind her once or twice, but she won't feel awkward! My own DD suffered from back problems when her twins were small and they just accepted that sometimes she couldn't pick them up because she had a 'sore back'.

whenim64 Sat 19-May-12 16:32:02

Yes, just tell her in a way she'll understand. My grandson learned to accommodate me when I was recovering from an op that meant I couldn't sit on the floor with him unless there was an adult around to get me up afterwards. He would just want to play in any way I could manage.

soop Sat 19-May-12 17:10:10

Sue162 Best wishes for a speedy recovery flowers
Mummy and daddy speak your granddaughter's language. I bet that she'll understand that Nanny is getting better from "tummy trouble" and she'll behave accordingly. Our wee man, when only eighteen months of age, accidently slammed the door on his daddy's finger. He's now two and a bit, and yet he still knits his brows together and gives that injured finger the most tender of kisses. He remembers that, in trying to demonstrate to him that light bulbs get hot to the touch, I suffered a wee burn. Whenever we meet, he still inspects the tip of that finger, even though seven months have passed. Have quiet fun with her...she'll be fine. smile

Sue162 Sat 19-May-12 18:00:46

Oh thank you all so much. I feel very reassured! smile

glammanana Sat 19-May-12 23:04:19

Sue162 I don't think that you will have any problems little ones understand when you are feeling a bit off colour and they have to be gentle,when I had my operation yrs ago my DGS was only 2 yrs and his brother was 13 mths (DD had 2 in 2 yrs) and she bought them a nana teddy with bandages around his tummy so we went from there and they understood.Get well soon and best wishes flowers

Sue162 Wed 23-May-12 10:39:13

Just thought I would let you all know that my DiL brought my DGD down to see us yesterday which was very sweet of her as she is due to have DGS any minute now! Anyway, we had forty minutes of silent grumpiness from DGD until she decided to forgive me for not seeing her for over a fortnight! I explained about the sore tummy and as she was going upstairs I reminded her to be careful as Nanny couldn't catch her. She said "Nanny sore tummy - rub cream on - tummy all better" in a tone of voice that said well that's sorted out the tummy nonsense!!! LOL! I felt so relieved - thank you for all your helpful advice! smile

Anagram Wed 23-May-12 10:43:14

So glad it went well eventually, Sue! At that age they think 'cream' will fix everything, don't they? grin