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netgran Wed 06-Jun-12 22:52:11

Hi - my DG has been talking really well since he was 20 months. He is now 26 months and has suddenly started to stammer. My heart goes out to him as he really struggles at times and I want to help him get his words out. Example - I I I I I would like a drink please or see see see see see that red fire engine. My DD and SIL are not overly concerned but are monitoring the situation. They are presently just trying to encourage him to slow down and think of his words. Meanwhile - my daughter has been on mumsnet to get some advice. I just thought I would quietly ask the grans out there if they had any similar experience. I am staying over at theirs tonight and presently can't sleep thinking about the little one. He is such a happy and contented child I can't bear seeing him struggle like this.
Many thanks

glassortwo Thu 07-Jun-12 08:18:27

netgran could it be that it is just another stage of learning to use language and experimenting. I would say that if it comes and goes that's probably whats happening but if it continues get it checked out by the health visitor.

netgran Thu 07-Jun-12 08:46:16

Thanks glassortwo yes it does come and go so it could be just a little phase (I do hope so) we are off to the park today (weather permitting) will take on board what you say and just enjoy the day.
Kind regards

AlisonMA Thu 07-Jun-12 08:54:11

We had an issue with our youngest and the health visitor was a waste of space so we went privately for speech therapy. They concluded that the problem was that his word vocabulary was far advanced for his physical age which meant he couldn't articulate what he wanted to say. His issue wasn't stammering though. He did turn out to have an extrememly high IQ!

There are quite a lot of toddlers who hardly say anything at that age so probably nothing to worry about so perhaps monitoring is all they can do. I think drawing attention to it would probably cause problems.

dorsetpennt Thu 07-Jun-12 09:29:21

Could be he is in such a hurry to get his words out he 'stammers' or seems to. He seems a little too young for it to be a concern at the moment, if it continues to say 3 or 4 years old maybe then start to be concerned. Just don't make an issue of it - it could make it worse.

nanaej Thu 07-Jun-12 18:37:42

In my experience what alison says is a fairly common situation. Children get to a developmental point with language when thinking /language in brain is working faster than the physical processing of what they want to say. It would normally right itself within a few months. If it goes on and is also associated with any other changes in his normal behaviour then I would recommend seeking professional advice. Meanwhile just wait patiently for him to say what he is so keen to say. He sounds like a happy, chatty, chappie! smile

Bags Thu 07-Jun-12 18:49:33

I agree. One of my brothers thought too fast to get the words out so he never finished a sentence! He would start one, then his thinking would run ahead and he'd start the next one, and so on. It didn't hold him back, just left us trying to catch up!

POGS Thu 07-Jun-12 19:29:48

netgran. I know how you feel but I tell you, my GD did something very similar. She is now 6 years old and because it stopped I no longer remember when that actually happened. It would have been ages ago and obviously it was just a silly something at the time. Please try not to worry too much it is perhaps too early to associate the little mite with having a stammer but I am sure you will keep a loving eye on the matter.

Hope all goes well, by the way she is very smart, perhaps it is a trait for a good thinker!.

netgran Fri 08-Jun-12 15:33:18

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your reassurances and sound advice. Enjoyed my day with him yesterday as not feeling half as anxious now.

POGS Fri 08-Jun-12 18:58:56