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And what did DH buy YOU?

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granjura Tue 25-Dec-12 21:57:01

Well, we sort of skipped formal Christmas and bought presents together, lol. Had some prints framed, which I'd saved from a calendar, and bought a BBQ/oven pizza stone ... to make nans, as well as pizzas, of course.

cheelu Tue 25-Dec-12 22:03:53

Chanel perfume and hair strainers....

Ella46 Tue 25-Dec-12 22:12:52

grin I hope you mean 'straighteners' cheelugrin

numberplease Wed 26-Dec-12 00:05:51

£250 of Amazon vouchers, £50 in cash, and 2 cds, Il Divo and Neil Diamond.

Joan Wed 26-Dec-12 07:05:41

A retro style digital radio!

Joan Wed 26-Dec-12 07:07:33

And here it is:

vampirequeen Wed 26-Dec-12 07:49:29

A camera tripod

Ylil Wed 26-Dec-12 08:04:18

Body shop strawberry set! A Dualit blender! Ideal home magazine sub. Pleased with all of them.

Butty Wed 26-Dec-12 08:15:41

A Peruvian Alpaca hat for my winter walks. smile

Marelli Wed 26-Dec-12 09:41:39

Nothing! Sounds miserly, but we don't go heavily on presents - and neither of us can think of what we need or want that we can't go and get anyway. We usually find something to treat ourselves to though - maybe a day out or trip to the theatre later on. We then really enjoy it and decide that that was our Christmas present to each other. smile

Hunt Wed 26-Dec-12 09:48:42

a 99p pink holder for my new disabled parking permit. He did send for it himself which is no mean feat as he is registered blind and profoundly deaf, bless him.

Butty Wed 26-Dec-12 10:08:00

Marelli Sounds lovely to me smile

Nelliemoser Wed 26-Dec-12 10:09:12

B****R all! But we do tend to do as Marelli does. However just a bit of something, if only the little words "what can I do to help", would be greatly appreciated.

merlotgran Wed 26-Dec-12 12:13:19

Chanel No 5, a case for my kindle and two expensive scented candles (I only buy cheap ones). It's difficult for him to buy presents because he can't drive and we live miles away from shops so DD helps him out.

Ella46 Wed 26-Dec-12 12:28:02

Hunt that's lovely! smile

kittylester Wed 26-Dec-12 13:22:15

DH bought me a Radley bag, a Cath Kidson kilt pin (to replace the one that holds me big cardigan closed!), a Sarah Millican DVD and tickets to a country music concert at the O2 with lunch on the Thames beforehand! He's quite nice really. grin

Grannyknot Wed 26-Dec-12 13:23:18

A gorgeous set of Acqua da Parma perfume, body creme etc - in an impressive box all tied up with ribbon, and a knitting needle case so I can organise my collection (bless him he was really ill before Christmas with sinus infection and drove all the way to the next town to get it, having phoned around and not been able to find one locally)- and I'd only mentioned at some point ages ago that I'd like one sometime. I got really lovely gifts from my offspring also - wonderful book on 'the natural history of an English village'; I love it already only read one chapter; and a velvet scarf in a soft grey. So happy! Meal was a great success too, thank you Delia smile

whenim64 Wed 26-Dec-12 14:08:57

I haven't got a DH, but on top of Rolling Stones book and CD, and tickets to the Rocky Horror Show, my other son also gave me the second series boxed set of 'In Treatment' with Gabriel Byrne, which I have been looking forward to watching. Presents that show me they really know what I enjoy. smile

grannyactivist Wed 26-Dec-12 14:16:56

The Wonderful Man is very..... what shall I say..... pragmatic, so: a set of kilner jars, a jelly bag, labels for jam......and later today (or maybe tomorrow) we're going to order A BRAND NEW SOFA. For those of you who buy new furniture as and when you need it you can have no understanding of what an enormous event this is in the activist household. My children are in shock - especially as I have also just bought a new coffee table and cupboard! wink

wisewoman Wed 26-Dec-12 14:22:34

whenim64 glad to hear there is another "In Treatment" fan. When I mention it to friends they have never heard of it. When I say it is about therapy sessions they give me a strange look. They know I am a bit weird!

Butty Wed 26-Dec-12 15:29:27

Another 'In Treatment' fan here! Fascinating (in an American therapy type of way).

wisewoman Wed 26-Dec-12 15:40:45

Isn't Gabriel Byrne gorgeous!

whenim64 Wed 26-Dec-12 16:17:05

Yes, he's very attractive. I love the ironic way this programme shows that his reationships are more f****d up complicated than his clients grin

Butty Wed 26-Dec-12 16:54:58

grin Indeed!

Mishap Wed 26-Dec-12 19:06:59

Well - he bought me a pair of slipper boots that vibrate (honestly!) and have bobbles on strings and a teddy bear motif; and a neck collar (same bobbles, same teddy - and, yes, it vibrates!).

Not quite sure what he was thinking about - anyone who knows me would not relate hanging bobbles and teddy bears with me - I am a bit on the hippy side - I am sure it was well meant and I looked suitably grateful! He finds the whole idea of presents a challenge too far!