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Please place the amazing new website you have found here Thank you

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cheelu Sun 06-Jan-13 14:11:15
It gives brilliant in-partial advise on all financial matters OR just type into google UK PAYE
It calculates Tax and National Insurance to be paid on an amount earned if you are an employee

shysal Sun 06-Jan-13 17:47:36

I heard about this charity on a Gransnet thread. I have had my initial loans repaid and lent to others since. It is a great way to help people who work hard to better themselves, and get your money back

Nelliemoser Mon 07-Jan-13 10:18:32

This site is objecting to the gender stereotyping of girls and boys by the way toys and other kids stuff is promoted. They a presence on Facebook. it seem that since the late 70s when I had my two the advertisers of childrens asn baby stuff are increasingly promoting btheir stuff in gender specific ways.
this particular link shows Boots baby harnesses in pink and blue, with "cupcake" for the girls and "train driver" on the boys what ever happened to feminism. angry
Our generation of mums were really trying to stop this. DD had this link on facebook and I copied it to my page.!/pages/Let-Toys-Be-Toys-For-Girls-and-Boys/104658933034521