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Your absolute favourite dinner would be

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cheelu Sun 06-Jan-13 22:12:18

Starter would be crab
main would be sword fish with salad
dessert would be water melon

Can you tell that I have Mediterranean blood!!

harrigran Sun 06-Jan-13 23:20:50

Cote de veau
creme brulee

shysal Mon 07-Jan-13 08:09:22

Stinky cheese and crusty bread would do me!smile

glitabo Mon 07-Jan-13 08:46:56

Singapore Chilli Crab.

vampirequeen Mon 07-Jan-13 09:03:36

A well cooked steak followed by icecream with hot chocolate sauce.

Bags Mon 07-Jan-13 09:10:05

Pretty much any good food would do me. One course sufficient. Well-cooked good food combinations from basic ingredients and not too spicy are all I ask.

wallers5 Mon 07-Jan-13 12:09:18

Fresh crab

Chateaux Briande

Meringues with chestnut cream filling

numberplease Mon 07-Jan-13 15:22:07

I`m very easily pleased foodwise, fish, chips and mushy peas for me anytime.

grannyactivist Mon 07-Jan-13 15:48:24

I don't have a favourite, but some meals from my childhood evoke very strong memories and I find are still delicious. A couple of weekends ago I treated myself to some herring roe, which I dusted in flour, fried in a little seasoned butter and served on toast with a splash of vinegar. It was like manna to me, but my family would have gagged if I'd attempted to serve it to them.

kittylester Mon 07-Jan-13 16:35:26

That is a real reminder of Saturday tea when my dad used to go to the fish market and we either had roe on brown toast or poached haddock with poached egg. Very ocassionally we might gave jugged kippers or shrimps. smile

kittylester Mon 07-Jan-13 17:37:01

To answer the question rather than reminiscing, I love a really good steak with Raymond Blanc's maman's potatoes plus a rocket salad with balsamic dressing. This is one of our favourite Friday night meals. With a nice bottle of wine, of course.

nanapug Mon 07-Jan-13 17:37:47

Something with lots of beans, lentils and nuts in, with fresh raspberries for pud please. I am not vegetarian but I love vege food.

matson Mon 07-Jan-13 17:47:57

no starter. roast chicken dinner with onion gravy, followed by a banana spilt. lovely x

Grannyknot Mon 07-Jan-13 18:58:35

I'm with bags and nanapug - no starter, just best of the season's fresh vegetables, nicely cooked. Or - savoury mince on toast with a poached egg on top. And for dessert, fresh fruit salad with a caramel sauce and an Italian gelato on the side. As an aside, a while ago I went to with friends, the best food I have ever eaten, all local 'artisan' food. We staggered out of there, replete.

BAnanas Mon 07-Jan-13 19:07:04

It would either be Tandoori chicken, this was my first ever taste of Indian food when I was about 19 and my taste buds were very under developed. I remember thinking at the time "how did I manage to live without ever having tasted this". I have moved on to more interesting things on an Indian menu, but still like to come back to Tandoori chicken from time to time. If I couldn't have that I'd have one of those pasta dishes you can only get in Italy where there are about three ingredients, very simple, but nevertheless manage to taste sublime and somehow you know you could never recreate it and make it taste as good at home. For desert, like grannyactivist, I'd evoke a childhood memory,my nana's steamed jam pudding. Or chocolate profiteroles a la 1970s as sold by the Spaghetti House chains in London. I have never tasted any quite like them since they were very big with milk chocolate sauce, now they are all quite small with a dark chocolate sauce, just not the same.

Butty Mon 07-Jan-13 19:09:35

The last one I cooked this evening......wink

merlotgran Mon 07-Jan-13 19:10:52

Something I haven't had to cook!

Nanado Mon 07-Jan-13 19:39:17

Exactly merlot - you took the words right out of my mouth fingers grin

cheelu Mon 07-Jan-13 23:41:27

mmmmmmm Im hungry!!

Joan Tue 08-Jan-13 05:32:23

I'm with merlotgran and Nanado on this - summat someone else cooks!

Having said that, a nice roast meal, chicken or beef or pork, with lots of vegetables including roast spuds, and stuffing or apple sauce or horseradish sauce as appropriate, would be nice.

Then brie and camembert for afters, all washed down with a nice rosé.

Oh, and then real coffee with cream and rum in it.

PS Mackerel rissoles with veggies, washed down with water, and then a cup of tea tonight.

One can dream.

FlicketyB Tue 08-Jan-13 19:15:51

Scallops, cooked almost to any recipe at all, but must include the coral

Steak and kidney pudding with lots of gravy served with cabbage, lightly cooked.

A really good English cheese board. (but no goats cheese)

All accompanied by a really rich full-bodied red wine, possibly burgundy.

Grannyeggs Tue 08-Jan-13 20:04:51

kitty one of my favourites is still smoked haddock with a poached egg on top and a bed of spinach underneath. If I wasn't 't back to the diet I would add a little slurp of cream for good measure, yumm. grin

Ariadne Tue 08-Jan-13 21:54:53

A really good neapolitana sauce, home made pasta and garlic bread. Or maybe home made pesto...I'm vegetarian, though!

gillybob Tue 08-Jan-13 23:04:33

Hi kittylester just wondered if you could explain Raymond Blanc's maman's potatoes please. It sounds interesting.

annodomini Tue 08-Jan-13 23:33:53

A wild mushroom risotto that I once had in a back-street café in Verona. Simple but perfect. Don't suppose I could ever find the place again if I went back to the city! Gnocchi also in Verona. Sublime!