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Do you do things like this?

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tanith Mon 21-Jan-13 13:01:01

Planned our evening meal for tonight, peeled the potatoes even though its my granddaughters birthday and we are going out for a family meal! confused

cheelu Mon 21-Jan-13 13:11:10

tanith It means that you run an organised home.

I wish I were more like you and I would love to live in such a household.

annodomini Mon 21-Jan-13 13:19:14

tanith, you must be a creature of habit - routine. So now you have the evening meal all planned - for tomorrow, how are you going to kill time tomorrow morning? Enjoy your GD's birthday dinner.

Learnergran Mon 21-Jan-13 13:20:23

Tanith if your're looking for something to do could you pop in and do a few for me please? grin

Grannyeggs Mon 21-Jan-13 13:32:30

Absolutely Tanith all the time, but as others have said you are organised for tomorrow. I gathered together all the rubbish to put outside last week, and at the end of the day I had to drag it all in, it was soaking wet as it had rained all day,and I realised I had convinced myself it was Tuesday, but it was Monday. We live in a small London terraced house, so I had to drag wet bags from the front to the back.

cheelu Mon 21-Jan-13 13:42:28

Grannyeggs do you think its too late for me to become a creature of habit, I really wish I was one.. PS didnt know you lived in London --me too..

Tegan Mon 21-Jan-13 13:44:25

It takes me ages after Christmas and New Year to work out what day it is or if it's a Bank Holiday or a weekend. I couldn't cope with dustbin day being a Tuesday. Mine is a Monday which makes it easier but I still have to work out which bin can go out and what is now allowed or not allowed to be put in it [which seems to change from week to week].

Grannyeggs Mon 21-Jan-13 13:58:35

I didn't realise that Cheelu, are there any more of us out there?

tanith Mon 21-Jan-13 14:09:12

I'm glad its not just me... and I'm also in London. You are right of course I am a creature of habit and can relax tomorrow maybe I can drag OH to see The Impossible as its one of his days off this week , after I've been for swim with daughter no 2. Thanks it'll be nice to have a get together .

Some strange coincidences on this thread.. Tegan is my granddaughters name also..

cheelu Mon 21-Jan-13 18:04:36

I dont know grannyeggs but I hope so. We could have a meet!

Grannyeggs Mon 21-Jan-13 18:06:52

That would be good. Am going away in ten days but maybe we could try after I get bag mid Feb.

absent Mon 21-Jan-13 18:15:28

There won't be much in the way of nutrition left in those potatoes for tomorrow.

Marelli Mon 21-Jan-13 18:15:52

It's only since I got my bus pass that I seem to do odd things - with the bus pass, that is! A few months ago I got on the bus and instead of telling the driver my destination when I presented my pass, I told him my bank pin number confused! Then yesterday, at Aldi's checkout, I opened my wallet and showed him my bus pass instead of inserting my debit card into the machine. And there was quite a long queue behind me too - ALL WATCHING blushgrin!

Movedalot Mon 21-Jan-13 18:19:03

I do the not knowing which day it is thing. I called DS to wish him happy birthday a day early and he thought I didn't know his birth date but I did, I was just a day ahead of myself grin

moomin Mon 21-Jan-13 18:21:03

Yep, I've presented my library card to the card reader on the bus, for my mistake to be pointed out by a rather exasperated bus driver confused

Marelli Mon 21-Jan-13 18:23:45

grin - thank goodness it's not just me then!!

annodomini Mon 21-Jan-13 18:38:03

I am sure the bus drivers must get used to confused elderly ladies (ducks for cover)....wink

AlieOxon Mon 21-Jan-13 18:44:05

Hi everybody, I'm back on a new computer.
I keep giving Tesco my Sainsbury's card and vice versa.....

Ana Mon 21-Jan-13 18:44:46

I have on at least two occasions attempted to insert my Tesco card into the machine when Asda! grin

cheelu Mon 21-Jan-13 18:52:38

Brilliant grannyegss really look forward to that.

absent Mon 21-Jan-13 19:01:21

I have keyed the burglar alarm code into the ATM. I have recently given someone the phone number from my London house when I moved up to the North-east three years ago. I have addressed Mr absent as ex-Mr absent (pretty much unforgivable, but he did, bless him). This week I got off the bus to rush home for the forgotten doorkeys to the rental house we were on our way to clean up before a new tenant moved in, only to get to my front door … and pull out the rental house keys from pocket.

It isn't Alzheimers because the best one of the lot was when I was still in my thirties (and I think I have mentioned this before). I removed a pan of cooked peas from the hob, then stood in the middle of the kitchen and emptied the contents of the pan into a strainer, scalding my legs and bare feet and leaving a hot puddle to clear up.

baubles Mon 21-Jan-13 19:05:07

On this very site, on another thread, I mentioned my dog by name. The thing is, the dog I named has been dead for 8 years! Only dawned on me hours later.

annodomini Mon 21-Jan-13 20:02:04

I sent out a local election leaflet with my friends' phone number on it instead of mine - only one digit different. Luckily they were members of the same party. blush

petallus Mon 21-Jan-13 20:13:12

Got out of bed this morning and went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea only to find kettle on already. I said 'oh!' and GS said 'what's the matter?' and I said 'I wanted to make tea but you're already using the kettle'. He then told me I had already been in the kitchen and it was me who put the kettle on.

Then this evening I was making soup and after twenty minutes and water and veggies weren't getting very hot and then I noticed I'd put the wrong burner on.

Absent I've done the wrong names thing as well. Utterly embarrassing!

JessM Mon 21-Jan-13 20:18:57

Welcome back allie I wondered where you had gone. Only the other day I put pizza dough to "do" in the breadmaker and when the beeper went off it looked a bit odd. No water.