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How old were you when your first grandchild was born?

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Juno56 Mon 12-Aug-19 20:24:00

Hello, new member here. I joined because my first grandchild will be born in late November. I am 63 and hadn't thought I was particularly old to be a first time grandma. However, when I mentioned the baby to a (slightly older) acquaintance she said: "ooh that's very late; I was under 50. You might not see her grow up"!! I was so taken aback that I had no response. It set me wondering though, as young couples delay starting a family it inevitably means that grandparents are older than was the norm a few years ago. So if people don't mind sharing, how old were you when you became a grandparent?

LullyDully Tue 13-Aug-19 08:16:01

As they say today " you are what you are" Just enjoy your GC and ignore silly people talking rubbish. Have fun with them.

LullyDully Tue 13-Aug-19 08:17:15

PS my granny was 70 when I was born and I loved her so much, still do in my heart.

TwiceAsNice Tue 13-Aug-19 08:17:20

I was 55, two months off 56. My daughters twins are now 10. She was 33 when they were born and decided there would be no more. My youngest daughter is single and will probably not have her own children but she is a very hands on Aunty and does a lot with them on her own.

Gaunt47 Tue 13-Aug-19 08:19:39

In the background of a long ago Mitchell & Webb TV sketch was a block of flats with a huge sign hanging from 2 of the balconies: "Happy 30th Birthday Grandma".

BlueBelle Tue 13-Aug-19 08:24:51

Who cares what age anyone is I was 52 with first and 61 when 7th arrived my best friend was 67 and thought she’d never have any, one gay son one daughter had hysterectomy and never wanted kids and another son who seemed a bit of a joker but now she has two young young and beautiful lads

Insensitive remark and not worth thinking any more about

silverlining48 Tue 13-Aug-19 09:04:41

61 with the first and 64 the second. Now 10 years later while they are still young and VERY lively My energy level has dropped. They are coming over today and while I would have loved to have taken them out fir the whole day, have reduced our time together to just the afternoon.
That maybe the invisible price of universal higher education which with gap years etc mean our children delay marriage and commitment, and for women who want to establish a career, children too.
However friends became first time grandparents at 80, so I am grateful for having that extra time with mine.
So enjoy your grandchild. It will be wonderful.

shysal Tue 13-Aug-19 09:11:32

I was 52, and within the next 7 years had 6 grandchildren from my two daughters.
Babysitting was hard work as they came in sets of three, but great fun. Now that they are grown up I miss the fun times spent with them all.

Grandma70s Tue 13-Aug-19 09:19:58

My brother must have been 81 when his only grandchild was born. She’s 2 now.

harrigran Tue 13-Aug-19 09:20:05

I was 59 when the first was born and 63 when the second and final GC arrived.
I had to wait for youngest DC to produce GC as DD did not plan to have children.
My mother was 37 when I was born but still only 59 when I gave her a GC, she still had a twelve year old of her own at home.

Granarchist Tue 13-Aug-19 09:46:14

61 and sad I may well not see them married.

Luckygirl Tue 13-Aug-19 09:52:08

54 for the oldest and and 66 for the youngest. No more planned as far as I know, but there has been the odd surprise amongst the 7 we have! I know that all 3 DDs would be appalled if they found themselves pregnant again!

I hope to see them grow up a bit - this is not something I have thought about really; but the oldest is off to college in September, and the youngest starts school then. I hope very much to see a GGC - but not just yet! smile

merlotgran Tue 13-Aug-19 10:09:06

49 for the eldest grandchild and 57 for the youngest.

Seven of them arrived thick and fast. It was an expensive decade! grin

fizzers Tue 13-Aug-19 10:12:23

I was 46, I was 23 when I had my daughter and she was 23 when she had her eldest

Theoddbird Tue 13-Aug-19 10:15:59

I was 46. He is a wonderful young man of 22 now. Have had 5 more since then. The youngest is 3 1/2.

blondenana Tue 13-Aug-19 10:20:43

I was 38, didn't want to be called grandma, though so its nanna

Davida1968 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:22:24

54. (Thank goodness - because I still had plenty of energy then!)

henetha Tue 13-Aug-19 10:26:15

I was 52 when my first grandaughter was born, which I thought was just about the right age really.
Then 54, 62 and 65. I'm Nan to all of them.

Glosgran Tue 13-Aug-19 10:26:33

I was 56 when my first grandchild was born. My brother was 43 when his first grandchild was born. She is now 20 and expecting her first child in the autumn, so my brother will be a great grandfather at the age of 63 and his son will be a grandfather at age 39. At 97, my father will become a great-great grandfather!

Summerstorm Tue 13-Aug-19 10:27:51

I was 47 first time round, my husband same age died a few months after so age not really relevant. My most recent granddaughter was born just before my 70th birthday

Nanastomant Tue 13-Aug-19 10:28:55

I'm 54 and have 13, 8, 2.5 and 2 plus 1 on the way

FC61 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:30:40

If you’re healthy 60-65 is perfect because you’ve had your 50’s to have a bit of fun before you settle down again !

trendygran Tue 13-Aug-19 10:33:27

I was 58 when my first granddaughter was born and 60 when her sister was born.Quite late I guess compared with some.

grannytotwins Tue 13-Aug-19 10:38:21

50 when the first arrived and 62 when the last two arrived. Six grandchildren in all. I desperately want to see the twins grow up. They were very premature and had so many health problems. Now they are seven, they are so clever and seem to have so much potential. Grandparents were a big part of my childhood and I am of theirs. I’m so lucky.

cangran Tue 13-Aug-19 10:40:14

64 (one and only GC. His other grandma, who had two older GC, was 75). I am thankful I have been fit enough to enjoy my GS and he still expects me to play football with him!

Harris27 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:40:24

47 and 55 when last born felt no different.