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whogoesthere Tue 11-May-21 10:48:59

My son and dil are getting divorced and today I received a message from her asking for all the baby stuff I have stored in my loft as they did not enough space, some of this things I bought for them, should I give them to her.

Soroptimum Tue 11-May-21 10:49:59


kittylester Tue 11-May-21 10:51:08


ninathenana Tue 11-May-21 10:52:19

Yes, I would but not anything I had bought for spares at my house.

TrendyNannie6 Tue 11-May-21 10:53:11

Yes, I would give her them,

EllanVannin Tue 11-May-21 10:53:33

Well if you've no need for them, yes. I'm assuming it's for , or belongs to your grandchild ?

annodomini Tue 11-May-21 10:57:19

To hang on to things you have no use for would be known and a 'dog in a manger' attitude!

glammanana Tue 11-May-21 10:58:48

Yes I certainly would,there is no need to cause any bad feeling between you and your DIL

timetogo2016 Tue 11-May-21 10:59:41

yes 100%.

tanith Tue 11-May-21 11:00:42

I agree give them to her.

Chestnut Tue 11-May-21 11:02:48

Yes unless there are other babies in the family you might need them for, in which case have a chat with your son and ask if you can keep a few things at your place for baby visits. Nothing should be kept without their agreement though.

Sara1954 Tue 11-May-21 11:16:12

Yes, what use do you have for them?

wildswan16 Tue 11-May-21 18:52:18

If you bought them and gifted them to your son and DIL then they belong to them. You can't take back a gift once given.

It is up to your son and DIL to decide who keeps what after the divorce. Not something you should be involved with in any way.

Tangerine Tue 11-May-21 18:56:24

Yes. Quite definitely.

Callistemon Tue 11-May-21 18:56:33

wildswan 👍
Once you have given something it belongs to the recipient, not you.

I'd love my DC to come and clear my loft!

crazyH Tue 11-May-21 19:16:18

Yes - they belong to the baby, so please give them back to your soon-to-be ex d.i.l. Divorce is always sad. I hope you manage to maintain a reasonably good relationship with her , for the sake of the baby. Good luck to all...

Jaxjacky Tue 11-May-21 19:31:24

Yes, why wouldn’t you.

Grandmabatty Tue 11-May-21 19:37:39

Yes. Why would you hang on to stuff you can't use? Give them to her or you will seem really petty and unpleasant and I'm sure you want to have a good relationship with her.

Hithere Tue 11-May-21 19:40:09

Of course!
What are your concerns with the request!

Hithere Tue 11-May-21 19:43:25


Shelflife Tue 11-May-21 19:58:08

Yes !! Give them to her . If you don't it may well backfire on you, don't give her or your son for that matter any reason to think badly of you. Good luck !

whogoesthere Wed 12-May-21 02:51:39

Thank you all for your comments, but she has asked me and not my son who she is not speaking too, he feels she needs to ask him as he paid for some of this things.I seem to be caught in the middle.

welbeck Wed 12-May-21 03:00:57

he is being ridiculous.
this does not bode well for the future, where so many things will have to be discussed and agreed, hopefully in a rational, adult, let's-both-do-what's-best-for-baby way.

welbeck Wed 12-May-21 03:03:17

presumably the baby will be residing with his/her mother, in which case of course she ought to have all the items that might be used by/for baby.

welbeck Wed 12-May-21 03:04:12

what does he want to do, cut all the blankets down the middle.