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Did your Mum ever say she loved you?

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Foxglove77 Sun 13-Jun-21 18:07:32

Just that really. I can't remember my Mum ever saying that to me, although she hugged me when my old dog was pts. So I was surprised when my brother called her and at the end of the call, she tried to hide and said I love you too.

I've never said it to my children which I feel sad about now, but my grand daughter says I love you Nanny quite often. I always say I love you too.

Is it an endearment you pick up from your parents?

Grannyben Sun 13-Jun-21 18:09:53

No, never, but I have always said it to my children and grandchildren

PaperMonster Sun 13-Jun-21 18:10:22

Mine never has. Me and my daughter say it to each other every day.

welbeck Sun 13-Jun-21 18:17:53

it was not the norm when i was young.
so, likewise, never. but it was long ago.
OP, if you are in contact with your children, couldn't you say it now, or write it, as you seem sad about not having done so.

tanith Sun 13-Jun-21 18:23:54

I don’t remember her ever saying it but I say it all the time to my children and Grandchildren.

Foxglove77 Sun 13-Jun-21 18:26:19

Welbeck I see them every day but am not a tactile person. Before covid a hug when we went away was the best I managed. I try to be loving with my little granddaughter. Perhaps my grandmother never told my Mum she loved her? Who knows.

vampirequeen Sun 13-Jun-21 18:30:09

I don't remember a time when it was said.

JaneJudge Sun 13-Jun-21 18:30:20

at the end of the call say 'love you' and put the phone down smile

Yes my Mum tell me she loves me and I tell my children too, I'm not sure they appreciate it

Calendargirl Sun 13-Jun-21 18:32:52

Don’t think she ever said she loved me, she didn’t need to, I knew I was loved by her care and all the loving things she did for me.

Actions speak louder than words.

“Love you”….”Love you too”

Often heard, meaningless really.

Savvy Sun 13-Jun-21 18:34:42

Never, I remember saying to her once that I was never wanted, and she hesitated much too long before saying I was. That silence told me all I needed to know.

25Avalon Sun 13-Jun-21 18:35:39

Not sure if mum ever actually say she loved me but she showed it. No doubt in my mind.

Lucca Sun 13-Jun-21 18:36:44

Definitely not.

I have always said it to my sons and now my grandchildren.

My mother didnt do cuddles either once we were no longer babies.

I am the opposite with my boys.

lemsip Sun 13-Jun-21 18:37:10

no, i'm one of six and no hugs or or told we were loved.... my parent were 34 when they married and six children followed mother being 46 when sixth was born. I think she was worn out and didn't know how to cope with us all.

PinkCakes Sun 13-Jun-21 18:43:42

My parents never said they loved me (my husband said his parents were the same), but I knew they did, as I was looked after, cuddled, etc. My granddaughters tell me they love me, and they say it to their dad (my son) all the time.

I do feel that actions speak louder than words, though. Just saying "I love you" doesn't mean anything on its own

Blinko Sun 13-Jun-21 18:44:15

Mine did, but it wasn't done when I was a child. Since I've been an adult, she has said it. More of a thing now, I suppose.

winterwhite Sun 13-Jun-21 18:45:48

I think frequent use is a bit unnecessary and dilutes it for special occasions.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 13-Jun-21 18:46:09

Mum didn’t, dad did.

bikergran Sun 13-Jun-21 18:46:42

Nope never

AmberSpyglass Sun 13-Jun-21 18:51:49

God, constantly! It was wonderful. I try and do the same thing.

Grandma70s Sun 13-Jun-21 18:54:31


Not sure if mum ever actually say she loved me but she showed it. No doubt in my mind.

Exactly this, no doubt whatsoever. The only time I remember her kissing me was when my son was born. I know she adored me, though.

When I was a child, my father was much more physically affectionate than my mother, lots of cuddles. I don’t remember him actually saying he loved me, but again there was no doubt.

I always felt totally secure in their love. Words aren’t always necessary.

M0nica Sun 13-Jun-21 18:56:05

I think it was that generation. Mine were generally emotionally unexpressive, but I knew that they loved us and that whatever happened to me in life, my psrents would always be there for me.

Yes, I told my children and grandchildren that I love them but I often express my love through other phrases, telling all of them how proud I am of them. I also tell my DGC (2 of them, 1 of each) thay they are my favourite DGD/DGS and they laugh and say but Grandma, I am your only DGD/DGS.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 13-Jun-21 18:56:58

Oir parents told us and showed us that they loved us up till their last breath, in that I consider myself and siblings extremely fortunate

FlexibleFriend Sun 13-Jun-21 19:06:27

Both my parents told me they loved me and more importantly they showed us too, their lives revolved around us kids. I've always told my kids I love them and they know I do too.

grannyactivist Sun 13-Jun-21 19:07:58

My mother would have been lying if she had said it to me.

Until the day she died my grandmother used to fuss over my mum - and even though she never said the words it was obvious that she adored her. I would watch them together and know that my mum would never feel like that about me.

My own children have heard it many times and are happy to say it back. ❣️

Blossoming Sun 13-Jun-21 19:10:08

Yes, frequently, and I miss her still.