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Anyone watching the Olympics opening ceremony?

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Riverwalk Fri 23-Jul-21 13:23:40

I like all the different national costumes.

Feel sorry for the athletes, waving to an empty stadium!

Alegrias1 Fri 23-Jul-21 13:25:32

I thought the wooden rings, and the story behind them, were fabulous.

Riverwalk Fri 23-Jul-21 13:29:19

San Marino ladies tottering along in high heels!

Russia banned so they're under a 'neutral' flag

I like all the snippets of history relating to certain countries names.

Daisend1 Fri 23-Jul-21 13:31:52

Never have never will.My choice.
Sport has never interested me.

Grandmabatty Fri 23-Jul-21 13:40:56

I'm enjoying it. I like Andrew Cotter as a presenter too. I find him very informative. The costumes are gorgeous

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 23-Jul-21 13:44:01

OH had been watching it. I find it so sad and rather like a dress rehearsal.

BlueBelle Fri 23-Jul-21 13:44:31

Popping in and out just made me feel so sad to see all the empty seats and know that 70 have gone down with covid in the Olympic Village
Training for four years solid, travelling all that way then unable to take part, desperate days

FannyCornforth Fri 23-Jul-21 13:53:48


Never have never will.My choice.
Sport has never interested me.

Not even 2012?!
I’m no sport fan, but it was so glorious and joyous.
It makes me quite teary thinking about it; it seems a lifetime and another world away sad

Riverwalk Fri 23-Jul-21 14:08:09

Nice for Zimbabwe that Japan is following its own alphabet, not English!

MiniMoon Fri 23-Jul-21 14:26:49

I'm watching it. I feel sorry that the entire team cannot take part in the opening ceremony, but they are trying to keep a bit of social distancing.

leeds22 Fri 23-Jul-21 14:27:37


BlueBelle Fri 23-Jul-21 14:29:02

Am I the only silly sod that wants to cry when I see countries with just two or three members I ve no idea why

Lucca Fri 23-Jul-21 14:30:50

I’m a silly sod who cries at loads of things, probably that too if I’d seen it.

Jaxjacky Fri 23-Jul-21 14:49:00


jusnoneed Fri 23-Jul-21 14:57:22

Have never watched one yet.

ginny Fri 23-Jul-21 15:11:30

No not watching. I wish all contestants well and wish them luck but have no interest in watching at all.

Grandma70s Fri 23-Jul-21 15:11:49

Nobody could be less interested in sport than I am, but I do always watch theOlympics opening ceremony. I enjoy seeing something so international, and all the different nationalities and costumes. The Americans appeared to be dressed as comedy burglars, in stripy tops and masks,

I shan’t be watching any of the actual sports/games, though, and resent it taking over television for the next couple of weeks.

Nannan2 Fri 23-Jul-21 15:20:17

Nope, sick of all the sports on tv in summer- i wouldn't mind if there was a break - but we go from one to another and some even overlap.we had the footy and the racing and the tennis now its olympics etc etc no- same as Daisend1.🤨

Nannan2 Fri 23-Jul-21 15:21:23

Oh and i think they sneaked snooker & possibly rugby& swimming in somewhere too...🤨

Alegrias1 Fri 23-Jul-21 15:26:01

Oh, the doves... 😢

Nannan2 Fri 23-Jul-21 15:28:10

When i was a kid i liked the ice dancing on the winter olympics. But aside from then, just not for me..i had a neighbour once years ago, who had her electric cut off so she asked me if she could put a long cable through my window so she could just watch wimbledon.-i agreed as i thought she meant JUST THE FINAL-but no, she watched the whole blooming fortnight! (No guesses how she ran up her electric bill then!) And probably mine too!😂

Grandma70s Fri 23-Jul-21 15:54:30

Thinking about this it struck me that although I have no interest at all in sport, I am very interested in theatre. The Opening is much more theatre than sport.

The solemnity of it makes me laugh, though. It’s only sports!

Calendargirl Fri 23-Jul-21 16:11:54

Watched the 2012 one, expecting it to be rubbish.

How wrong I was!

Absolutely blown away, felt so proud.

No, not watching this one though.

timetogo2016 Fri 23-Jul-21 16:13:45


ninathenana Fri 23-Jul-21 17:36:52

Pretty sure I have never watched an opening or closing ceremony or much of what happens in between 😄😄