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Tiredness at 63

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Beau1958 Mon 20-Sep-21 15:42:11

I’m 63 fairly healthy but I get tired very easily. I sleep ok, I’ve had blood tests all normal but after I’ve done my housework in the morning I’m exhausted I have to sit down and rest. By 10pm I’m more than ready for bed and don’t get up till around 7.30. Is this normal ? is this an age thing ?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 20-Sep-21 16:23:40

How long are you spending doing housework before you are exhausted? It doesn’t sound unusual to need a rest after doing some housework. I certainly need to! Going to bed at 10 and getting up at 7.30 isn’t abnormal.

Neen Mon 20-Sep-21 16:36:08

I am 54 and tired all the time too. I do have RA / lymphadema / osteoporosis and going through the change any of those tick for you ? As each consultant says fatigue is a side effect. I tend to plan and accept so housework, rest cuppa and cake , something else rest cuppa and I never do two events two days running so if I'm going to see family or to an organised event or club, I wouldn't organise that two days running. They've medically retired me and I've the Grandchildren one at a time in a rota basis but a few hobbies and the basics is all I can do.

MayBee70 Mon 20-Sep-21 16:45:23

I think I’ve often suffered from motivational tiredness. Even more so since the pandemic. On the rare occasion that I do something interesting I suddenly don’t feel tired! It is an age thing as well, though. When I had my granddaughter over to stay pre pandemic it absolutely exhausted me. I looked after my grandsons several years ago when my daughter was moving house and, again, I was shattered. I couldn’t imagine how I ever had the energy to bring my children up, provide a late night taxi service for them and then go to work the next day!

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 20-Sep-21 16:52:38

I get tired much more easily now at 62, since going through menopause. If I spend a day dusting and hoovering, my back aches to death in the evening! It’s not tiredness in the sense I can’t keep my eyes open, but body weariness. Yet we swim, cycle well. Walking can be a bit more challenging for some reason. Sometimes I think it’s more to do with lack of motivation. We got bored senseless last year in the first lockdown, we walked in woods at the back of us all the time.

I would suggest a blood test though. Just to rule things out.

MayBee70 Mon 20-Sep-21 16:57:10

Thankfully I was able to retire at 62 but I remember thinking that, if I’d carried on working I would have literally had to go to work, get home, sleep and go to work again. Old age and tiredness just creeps up on you. I think my arthritis is making it worse, too.

MerylStreep Mon 20-Sep-21 17:10:45

You most probably been tested for B12 deficiency. But these tests aren’t always correct.

I was lucky that my doctor knew this wasn’t right. So demanded the test be done properly. I had no B12.
Unlike the usual 3 monthly injection he did it 2 monthly.
When I had to go to a new doctor they wanted me to go on the 3 monthly inject. I fought my corner for the 2 monthly.
I hope you get it sorted. Knowledge is power.

VioletSky Mon 20-Sep-21 17:15:52

Since my thyroid went wonky I've been the sheer exhausted of having my metabolism running way too fast and the bone tired of having a metabolism running much too slow.

I think metabolism generally dies slow down as we age but it's always worth having your thyroid checked.

I sleep every chance I get

Katyj Mon 20-Sep-21 17:26:16

Hi Beaul. Do you mean that you need to rest for the rest of the day? If so I don’t think that’s right, what would happen if you pushed yourself and went for a walk in the afternoon, you may find it energises you.
I’m 64 and still working part time in a very active job ,i walk 16,000 steps a day whilst there, look after grandchildren here and there, and my elderly mum. I feel okay through the week but need to rest at the weekends now.
I do take a multivitamin and a vitamin b complex tablet as advised by my gp because of migraines. I think as someone else said it is sometimes boredom and not being able to motivate yourself.

Shandy57 Mon 20-Sep-21 17:26:23

I was 64 in April and I feel tired.

I scared myself a few months ago, I ran across the road, I wasn't going as fast as I thought I was and it was close. I also feel tired at the thought of doing things, but think this is lockdown lethargy.

rafichagran Mon 20-Sep-21 17:41:05

I was 64 in April too, I work 3 full days a week, and I am shattered too. The job I do is demanding.
The tiredness has just crept up on me. I have never had a back problem, but I am getting backache more now.

MerylStreep Mon 20-Sep-21 17:53:27

I’m 75. Still do all the decorating. I keep my garden immaculate and look after 2 other gardens and my daughters when needed.
I believe it’s a combination of my B12 injections and I’ve always had a high energy level and strength.

wildswan16 Mon 20-Sep-21 18:45:08

This might sound silly, but are you eating properly? Does your diet include enough fruit/veg, protein etc etc.

Also, I wonder if the sleep you are getting is good, deep sleep. Maybe more exercise in the fresh air would help, or something like pilates or tai chi to help you relax.

Overweight? Underweight? Worries? Stress?

Witzend Mon 20-Sep-21 18:54:50

Sounds to me as if you’re doing too much housework! Can you not cut it down a bit?

Grandmadinosaur Mon 20-Sep-21 19:05:24

I’m the same age and tire easily too.

I have thyroid issues - been on meds for nearly 30 years. I get regular blood tests (in normal times) they usually come back within range but that isn’t always the full story.
I had other health issues 2 years ago and just can’t back to how I felt previous to that.
I’d been a regular gym goer and had a busy social life. At the start of 2020 I felt ready to get back to all that but then Covid came along and put a stop to it. I just don’t have the stamina/energy any more. I too have to pace myself if I am doing any socialising, trips away or looking after grandchild.
It’s so frustrating.

PinkCakes Mon 20-Sep-21 19:37:03

I'm 62, had Covid and pneumonia (on a ventilator for 2 weeks) and then a stroke, all in July this year.

I get up at about 6.30-7am, do the housework (washing, vacuuming, cooking, etc) and try to do some exercise daily - as I'm not yet able to drive, I'm limited to where I can go. I go to bed at about 10.30, get up 3 or 4 times for a wee.

kittylester Mon 20-Sep-21 19:44:13


Sounds to me as if you’re doing too much housework! Can you not cut it down a bit?

My thoughts exactly!

Septimia Mon 20-Sep-21 20:12:47

While DH was still working part-time I often had a snooze after my lunch. I don't think I'd reached 63 at that time. Now he's retired I don't. I do fall asleep very quickly most nights as I'm certaintly tired by bedtime (I do wake up in the night, though)

MayBee70 Mon 20-Sep-21 20:29:43

For years I’ve done a hypnotism tape early in the afternoon which gives me. 15 minute nap that gets me through the day.

Farmor15 Mon 20-Sep-21 21:14:35

I’m just 70 and don’t feel tired. Not much housework but keep busy most of the day. In fact the more I do the less tired I feel! But I’ve always been energetic so I don’t think it’s automatic that one gets tired as one gets older- at least not till much older.

Fleur20 Mon 20-Sep-21 21:26:33

Please dont think I am trying to trivialise anyones difficulties here, but are you sure you are drinking enough water?
Dehydration plays a big part in tiredness... a glass of water every hour or so makes such a difference..

Shinamae Mon 20-Sep-21 21:31:23


Please dont think I am trying to trivialise anyones difficulties here, but are you sure you are drinking enough water?
Dehydration plays a big part in tiredness... a glass of water every hour or so makes such a difference..

I know for sure that I don’t drink enough water. I am 68 and work part time in a care home and funnily enough when I’m at work I’m not tired but at home watching TV and particularly in the cinema I find myself nodding off…. And I have to drag myself out of bed in the mornings and it takes me at least a couple of hours to “come to”

Karen1959 Mon 20-Sep-21 22:43:54

I’m 62. I have a number of chronic conditions but I just feel young… Maybe I’m in denial smile

Juicylucy Tue 21-Sep-21 11:03:29

I’m 65 still work part time and am blessed to have plenty of energy. My friend however is 61 and suffers with tiredness, she sleeps well and in relatively good health, it seemed to creep up on her when she gave up work. We are both young at heart and feel we are still in our 40s but the body says different.

Theoddbird Tue 21-Sep-21 11:11:06

You need to talk to your doctor not ask strangers on here.