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Revitive foot and leg massager

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MrsHappy Mon 18-Oct-21 15:32:11

I suffer badly with aching legs and stiff knees. Has anyone tried the Revitiv massager advertised on TV? It is quite expensive and don't want to buy without recommendation. TIA.

Charleygirl5 Mon 18-Oct-21 16:23:12

Do not use one if you have had any joints replaced-hips, knees or ankles because over time the replacement joint will become loose.
Have you looked on Amazon? Mainly because you would be able to read reviews and you would get a general idea before you decided to spend your money.

Teacheranne Mon 18-Oct-21 16:46:58

I do have one but rarely use it now that the novelty has worn off. I bought sticky pads for arthritis of the knees but I can’t say I saw any improvement and I got bored of sitting still to use it. But every now and again I get it out, use it for a week or so then forget about it again.

I think you need to use it daily for there to be any improvement.

Calmlocket Sun 24-Oct-21 08:18:49

I bought one as I have arthritis in both knees, it actually made the pain worse!

aggie Sun 24-Oct-21 08:37:10

Well that TV person advertising it is now limping about using a walkingstick !

Calmlocket Sun 24-Oct-21 08:50:52

@ aggie, I find the ad of Eamon and Ruth with the revitalive funny, its so patronising too.

aggie Sun 24-Oct-21 09:11:49

They are a pair of daft idiots Calmlocket , I supose they need the money to pay for his new hips . Oh he shouldn’t be using that machine ! Not with two metal hips !

Blossoming Sun 24-Oct-21 09:52:10

It’s dreadfully expensive and I imagine it would soon find its way to the back of many people’s cupboards.

Westcoaster Sun 24-Oct-21 12:10:26

I bought one a couple of years ago when I started having terrible pain in my feet, always worse in bed. Probably diabetic related.
Every time we saw the tv advert DH told me to buy one to see if it helped, but the price put me off.
Anyway, I eventually caved in and bought it and what an absolute life saver it's been. Pain relief was almost instant.
In my case, it's been well worth the money.

I no longer use it every day, but it sits under the couch ready for action and I usually pull it out 2-3 times a week. I do like the feeling of it. grin

Spice101 Tue 26-Oct-21 06:17:29

I've had one for a few years. Used it regularly for sometime and felt it did make a difference to the arthritis in my feet and ankles. They seemed to be freeer.

I've just started using it again 30 minutes twice a day and yes it does make a difference. BTW I have 2 metal knees and 1 metal hip and have had no issues with using it. The surgeon is happy for me to use it and does not see that there would be an issue.