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Cabbie21 Thu 02-Dec-21 09:04:10

Until recently I got a text confirming my LFT results. This was useful as I could show the results if I needed to. The last two tests, this has not happened.
Does anyone have any ideas why, please?

Rosie51 Thu 02-Dec-21 09:09:59

I had the text response as usual with my test at the beginning of the week. Are you sure you remembered to tick the box saying you wanted a text response? I have to say it always makes me smile when they tell me my test was negative.......yes I just told you that! grin

Cabbie21 Thu 02-Dec-21 09:12:53

Thanks Rosie. Not sure I have seen a box to tick. I will check more carefully next time.
Yes, I thought it strange at first, as they were only telling me what I had told them, but I can show my phone to anyone who needs to know eg to visit a care home.

fourormore Thu 02-Dec-21 09:48:22

We went through a phase when sometimes we would both get the text confirmation, sometimes one of us and sometimes neither of us!

On one occasion there was the opportunity when reporting the result to give 'feedback' and I mentioned this problem as 'oldies' like DH and I don't have the internet on our phones.
Since sending that feedback we have both received the confirmation every time?

Like you, we feel it's useful to have it on our text messages.
I don't remember ticking a box though but when we registered we had to enter email addresses and mobile numbers so we assumed that was why.
Keep an eye for feedback opportunity though.

Just out of interest Cabbie21 a friend of ours is in a care home but in order to visit her we had to do a test on arrival even if we'd done one before leaving home! Mind you, I would much rather they kept her safe by doing that!

multicolourswapshop Thu 02-Dec-21 10:22:30

When visiting my dentist I told him I had tested negative that morning he replied by saying it doesn’t really matter as he treats everyone with the same caution. [smile

Cabbie21 Thu 02-Dec-21 11:19:50

Fourormore, at the care home, did the staff swab you or stand over you whilst you did the test? My LFTs only need a nasal swab and I cant do the throat swab because of gagging.
This particular care home where my sister is failed its last QCA inspection and so I am not sure what to expect.

Sarahmob Thu 02-Dec-21 11:45:08

When I tested last Sunday, I was asked whether I wanted a confirmation text. I pressed yes, then when I tested yesterday, I wasn’t asked and received as normal. I thought it was a bit odd at the time.

25Avalon Thu 02-Dec-21 12:33:19

Dd went to a wedding on Saturday. No symptoms but a positive lateral flow rest yesterday followed by 4 negatives. She did a PCR and it’s thankfully come back negative. She was talking to someone connected with the Welsh health board and apparently lateral flow tests can record false positives and they are seeing more of it as more testings take place. So if you get a positive lateral flow test don’t automatically assume the worse.

annodomini Thu 02-Dec-21 13:32:37

cabbie21 When I reported my test yesterday, the web site asked me if I wanted confirmation and I ticked the box that told them 'yes'. I think this is a new feature, as, in the past, the confirmation came automatically.

ElaineI Thu 02-Dec-21 13:38:37

Yes it's a new box to tick. Probably only need to do it once? DH ticked no as we will not be going anywhere. I end up deleting the confirmation anyway as I already know. If you need the confirmation best to tick it.

Cabbie21 Thu 02-Dec-21 14:23:59

Ok thanks for that information. I need to look out for that box to tick then.

fourormore Thu 02-Dec-21 15:38:08

Cabbie sorry I can't answer your question about whether the care home staff do it or ourselves - sadly she is a 45 minute train journey from us, so by the time we got to the home, did the test, waited the 30mins for the result it would be her lunchtime! They prefer people not to arrive over lunchtime naturally so even timing it for after lunchtime we decided it's not practical to go at all.
She isn't missing out though as she has a phone in her room so we speak regularly.
Hopefully, one day we will be able to go and see her in person but it's better the home are being over-cautious and my friend is happy which is the main thing.

JaneJudge Thu 02-Dec-21 15:42:36

I hadn't realised there was a new box to tick, how annoying. Occasionally I haven't been sent a test but have taken a photo of my email instead

Cabbie21 Sat 04-Dec-21 11:07:35

Thanks for all the replies. This time there was definitely a tick box and I received both a text and an email confirmation.

Grannynannywanny Sat 04-Dec-21 11:19:09

Just noticed the new tick box this morning while doing my test ready for a care home visit today. It wasn’t there on Wednesday when I tested and I received the text as usual within seconds of reporting result. I usually take photos anyway as the care home ask for test strip number and the serial number from the pack.

paddyann54 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:41:57

My daughter is bedridden by health issues,her family and her friends are extremely careful and all do LFT's regularly

.This week after the usual 3 negatives my daughter and her friend were unwell and advised to take a test at the local testing centre ,they were positive as was my gd's
.The GP says it may just be a bad batch but that he has heard of many folk using the LFT's and getting negative results and the same day taking the other test and it coming back positive .We're hoping the family will have mild symptoms and get well soon but given my daughter other health issues we are worried sick.

Grannynannywanny Sat 04-Dec-21 13:05:24

Sorry to hear that paddyann54. I hope your daughter’s symptoms remain mild and she recovers quickly. Likewise your granddaughter and their friend.