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Help with gift ideas please

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Lucca Fri 03-Dec-21 08:52:47

If things don’t go wrong…I’m spending Christmas in Italy. I shall need present ideas for a whole family group ! What I’m struggling with is something for my friends husband ….a retired surgeon ….and something for their two sets of son and daughter in law !
Space in luggage is an issue.

Sago Fri 03-Dec-21 09:04:45

This company hand makes beautiful typically English leather goods, they can be personalised.
Last year my daughter got us purses,wallets and key fobs.
They are light and would take up very little space

Granniesunite Fri 03-Dec-21 09:07:11

Gifts made in your part of the UK? food, drinks, soap, a good pen, stationary..... Have a great holiday. I love Italy.....

Lucca Fri 03-Dec-21 09:14:47

Great so far thanks !, I shall investigate

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 03-Dec-21 09:57:51

MissOops bought MrOops a largish handmade magnifying glass some years ago, with a mother of pearl handle. Nowadays you can get them on Etsy.
It was on a bookcase shelf for some time, but nowadays he uses it a lot.

coastalgran Sat 04-Dec-21 11:17:38

Small local gifts that are light and easy to pack or alternatively can be sent on by post/courier ahead of arrival.

sazz1 Sat 04-Dec-21 11:23:33

Perhaps wine, spirits or perfume from duty free shop. Can cary as hand luggage

Bluedaisy Sat 04-Dec-21 11:24:44

After I had major back surgery which was complex I wanted to thank the surgeon personally so bought him a nice new pen which was appreciated. Look on Cult pens or just google nice pens. They are small too so luggage friendly.

rowyn Sat 04-Dec-21 11:25:16

Sago talking of leather reminded me of some leather bookmarks I bought from Not on the High Street.[category_id]=15000
They can have the name of the recipient put on them and there are choices of different coloured leather. It has solved a few gift problems for me.
And if you haven't heard of this website, it's well worth having a browse when looking for gifts.

JaneJudge Sat 04-Dec-21 11:35:03

I presume you've heard of these people?

Nannashirlz Sat 04-Dec-21 11:35:50

I was going to say an English food hamper but not sure it would get to them in time. I’ve friend who I met while in military who lives in Germany and she misses her English tea lol and I miss my German chocolate so we send each other a hamper of all things we miss.

rowyn Sat 04-Dec-21 12:09:25

Don't quite understand your question, JaneJudge.
Not On the High Street is a website which hosts many small creative businesses showing their unusual products, a lot of which are handmade. Items are not cheap, therefore.
I've used the website for quite a few gifts, and sometimes just for inspiration!

JaneJudge Sat 04-Dec-21 12:14:19

rowyn, I was linking to a website that Lucca might want to look at. I wasn't responding to you or criticising your post smile

Elizabeth27 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:41:07

I hadn’t heard of the site JaneJudge, it is great, thanks.

Visgir1 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:47:18

Share in a British Racehorse?

Madwoman11 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:50:54

A nice boxed pen each. Don't have to be that expensive

Lilylaundry Sat 04-Dec-21 14:05:10

What about a Parker pen each with individual name? You can choose from several fonts and up to 20 letters including spaces. They are stylish, light weight and have been received with delight from friends. I’ve seen them use the pens so know they are not lying at the bottom of a drawer! Try the Pen Outlet.

grandtanteJE65 Sat 04-Dec-21 15:48:35

I don't know if you still can get them, but there used to be very good linen tea towels sold in souvenir and gift shops. They were greatly appreciated abroad because they had things like a map of the British isles, or famous places on them.

They were both decorative and useful and lasted for years, even why in daily use.

Lucca Sat 04-Dec-21 15:51:27


Share in a British Racehorse?

Ah yes I’ll do that with the change in my pocket !!.

Lucca Sat 04-Dec-21 15:52:05


rowyn, I was linking to a website that Lucca might want to look at. I wasn't responding to you or criticising your post smile

Yes lovely website

Lucca Sat 04-Dec-21 15:55:10

I’m thinking the pen idea or leather key fob…. For the others probably local renowned tea etc products …. The tea towels are fun for the couples.
Not taking duty free stuff as I di t know what they drink plus I’m not having carry on luggage!

Thanks gransnetters.

Lucca Sat 04-Dec-21 15:56:03

I shall buy a scarf for my friend either from One hundred stars or Bimba y Lola.

Shandy57 Sat 04-Dec-21 16:25:19

I wouldn't take a leather gift as Italy has such an amazing leather industry.

For something British you might like something here? Harrods may also have a section.

Shandy57 Sat 04-Dec-21 16:27:20

I just went onto the Harrods site to look for you, so appalling, they are selling real fur coats again. Shame on the, the buyer should be made to watch how the animals are farmed and euthanised.

Juliet27 Sat 04-Dec-21 16:38:42


I presume you've heard of these people?

What a fascinating site!