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What's for lunch and dinner today?

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Riverwalk Sat 08-Jan-22 12:23:48

I've not long had breakfast but it was very meagre - a bit of granola and yoghurt. I'm quite well stocked with goodies but can't decide what to have and need some inspiration.

What are your eating plans for the day?

Grandmabatty Sat 08-Jan-22 12:28:12

A cold meat sandwich with crisps for lunch, followed by a scone with jam. Tea will be stovies.

Tusue Sat 08-Jan-22 12:33:19

I’m having vegetable chilli and rice for lunch today and have filled my slow cooker with beef and veg so making stew and its bubbling away merrily,plan to have a big bowlful with some crusty bread for tea. (I’m from Yorkshire) so evening meal is tea ?.

Sarahmob Sat 08-Jan-22 12:36:02

Cottage cheese, fruit and crackers - not very inspiring (or warm on such a cold wet day) but I like it so it’ll do

Sarahmob Sat 08-Jan-22 12:37:22

Forgot to add dinner - I’m having another go with the pasta attachment for my kitchen aid and making pasta bake for dinner.

EllanVannin Sat 08-Jan-22 12:38:46

Fish, chips and garden peas---that I didn't have yesterday because of wading through the second lot of macaroni-cheese I'd made on Thursday in a large Pyrex dish grin Greedy me.

MayBeMaw Sat 08-Jan-22 12:39:35

Slimfast I think
The Christmas half-stone added to the lockdown stone has proved disastrous sad

Baggs Sat 08-Jan-22 12:40:08

Brisket slow-cooked in a black bean stew. Plus roasted root vegetables.

Kate1949 Sat 08-Jan-22 12:42:16

Granola, blueberries, flaxseed and skimmed milk for breakfast. Cheese and crackers for lunch. We have so much cheese left from Christmas, despite having made three cheese and potato pies. Not sure what we'll have later.

Kate1949 Sat 08-Jan-22 12:43:03

I'm not sure why I put breakfast in there!

Redhead56 Sat 08-Jan-22 12:43:08

I don’t eat breakfast just gallons of tea. As it’s the weekend had bacon and tomato on toast for brunch. Having a Chinese meal tonight then homemade trifle and sparkling wine?

Jaxjacky Sat 08-Jan-22 12:47:54

Had some cold chicken dhansak from last night’s takeaway earlier, about to have some porridge and fruit. Cottage pie for dinner with carrots, cauli and sprouts.

GagaJo Sat 08-Jan-22 12:51:07

Back on a diet after a nice dinner last night. Tea and a tin of sardines for lunch. Low carb!

Josieann Sat 08-Jan-22 12:53:51

I'm cooking a salmon curry for the first time tonight.

Tizliz Sat 08-Jan-22 13:01:48

Not sure about lunch, probably cheese and biscuits. Dinner is roast duck with roast potatoes and parsnips and cabbage, love duck.

LadyGracie Sat 08-Jan-22 13:02:32

Cheese, biscuits and a few olives for lunch. Beef rendang for dinner. Back on the Fast 800 diet.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 08-Jan-22 13:04:35

Dinner is beef and pheasant casserole, sprouts and mashed potato.

Lunch is broccoli and Stilton soup crusty bread.

Breakfast was porridge with stewed plums and blueberries.

mokryna Sat 08-Jan-22 13:08:41

Didn’t have breakfast before going to market so had a bowl of porridge at 1 o’ clock when I got back. Later, when I get hungry I’ll have an avocado (no dressing) and a banana. For the evening meal 80grams steak with broccoli, Brussels spouts and a small potato.

Msida Sat 08-Jan-22 13:09:05

Sourdough Bread with olive oil spread with tomatoes puree and filled with salad.... Can you tell I am from the Mediterranean

Riverwalk Sat 08-Jan-22 13:09:56


Granola, blueberries, flaxseed and skimmed milk for breakfast. Cheese and crackers for lunch. We have so much cheese left from Christmas, despite having made three cheese and potato pies. Not sure what we'll have later.

I freeze left over cheese in small portions - wouldn't serve it to
guests but it's perfectly fine to go with soup, on toast, pasta etc.

Riverwalk Sat 08-Jan-22 13:15:45

Lots of lovely eating going on today! smile

Kate1949 Sat 08-Jan-22 13:15:56

Riverwalk Thank you. We were wondering whether to freeze some. My DH says 'It goes a bit funny' but I hate waste so I think I'll freeze some.

kittylester Sat 08-Jan-22 13:18:31

Toast, marmalade and tea for breakfast.

Sausage sandwiches for lunch. We have DGS4 here so his choice. He ate 8 sauages.

Dinner will be teriyaki chicken and egg fried rice - quick and easy.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sat 08-Jan-22 13:20:48

Muesli, pineapple juice, marmalade toast, banana and a cup of tea for breakfast.
Chicken soup and buttered toast for lunch.
Toad in the hole, mash and peas for dinner.

BBbevan Sat 08-Jan-22 13:58:15

No breakfast but vegetable soup and one slice of cheese on toast for lunch.Home made prawn curry for supper with coconut rice .