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Anyone been outside yet|?

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Riverwalk Thu 20-Jan-22 09:50:26

Just stuck my head out - gawd it's cold, bright & sunny but cold! sunshine

I'm trying to persuade myself to get dressed and run some errands but my backside will not rise from this chair.

I might have another coffee while I think things over! smile

midgey Thu 20-Jan-22 09:56:48

My window was misted up so I sailed out to clear it……it’s frozen! Need more coffee quick for the shock. 😀

TillyTrotter Thu 20-Jan-22 10:01:39

We don’t have a white frost but I just went to get something from my car and the windows are iced over. BbRRrrrr…

Esspee Thu 20-Jan-22 10:04:16

There’s a wee touch of frost at the bottom of the garden but it is 4C on the patio so I’ll be out hanging the washing soon. It is glorious days like this in the middle of winter which give you hope spring is on the way.

glammanana Thu 20-Jan-22 10:06:05

I stuck my head out of the back door to a cold and frosty morning so quickly changed my mind about going into the shed for stuff out of the freezer and made a fresh coffee will try again later.

Callistemon21 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:07:56

No, I haven't but this device tells me it's 2C outside but feels like -1C! It's clouding over. Snow?
I have a Zoom meeting shortly, a good excuse to stay indoors.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:08:33

I have an appointment at 12 noon, having just put my head out of the kitchen door I can confirm it’s flipping cold here in S E Essex and the big coat will be coming out…

FannyCornforth Thu 20-Jan-22 10:13:09

Currently 0 degrees in Derby.
Sunny and frosty. Lovely! ☀️ ❄️
I’m still in bed…

rosie1959 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:17:22

Only to the bin stuck in Covid prison although this does have its plus points no ‘ Can you just’ requests from my kids

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 20-Jan-22 10:29:08

Chilly and wet in north Norfolk but the sun’s trying (not very hard) to come through.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:34:16

Yes I have to feed the birds early every morning as they all sit in the trees and bushes looking hopeful and hungry and I can’t leave them.

They are all now sunning themselves with full tums

I can confirm that it is blimmin’ freezing.

Hetty58 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:34:23

Riverwalk, it's lovely out there, once you get going (and well wrapped up). Sunny and clear is so much better than gloomy and damp!

Mapleleaf Thu 20-Jan-22 10:37:18

It keeps clouding over then brightening here. I popped out to the dustbin earlier and it was 🥶 freezing.

Blossoming Thu 20-Jan-22 10:39:23

It looks lovely, but at the moment it’s too slippery underfoot for me. It may thaw in the sun, but there are a few places where the sun doesn’t reach that stay icy all day. Most frustrating as it’s a perfect day for some photography.

maddyone Thu 20-Jan-22 10:42:38

It’s now apparently 4 degrees centigrade here in Hampshire, but I’m still in my pjs wasting time on Gransnet. My husband was up and away early as he’s volunteering at the vaccination centre today, so I had to make my own coffee.

That’s so sweet Whitewave, I don’t feed the birds as we had cats for many years and they weren’t a good mix. My dear dad always fed them though.

I must make myself another coffee I think before I get going.

AGAA4 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:49:15

I am just back from a walk. I can confirm that it is freezing. The puddles at the country park had all frozen over and it was frosty in places. It certainly woke me up. Having a hot coffee now to thaw out.

Riverwalk Thu 20-Jan-22 10:50:00

I agree Hetty that sunny and clear is better than gloomy and damp! sunshine

I'm finally showered and dressed - wearing a Danish polo neck so very 'Hygge' and hot to trot.

Calendargirl Thu 20-Jan-22 10:52:35

I did a Tesco shop at 8am.

Have just returned from Aquacise. Pool was not very warm.


Dogsmakemesmile Thu 20-Jan-22 10:52:59

Stunning but freezing in the Scottish Borders

Kim19 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:53:22

Outside? Isn't it still morning?!! I'll enjoy the lovely day through the window in the interests of self preservation methnks.

GrandmaSeaDragon Thu 20-Jan-22 10:56:38

It was 0 at 9am, now +2 here in Rutland. Had sun a while ago, but disappeared now. Does feel very cold but only a breeze. Not surprised you’re still in bed fannycornforth after your shindig yesterday!!!

LadyPez Thu 20-Jan-22 10:58:50

Beautiful and bright but very cold in the West Country

Serendipity22 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:04:02

Yes my head has indeed made its way out if the front door....... to let the cat out ( or tell the cat he *is going out*) it was cold but the heat from the sun was wonderful.

Its absolutely glorious here i am sat in the kitchen with a coffee and the sun is streaming through the window. The house is south facing.

Oldbat1 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:12:23

Yes out with dogs at 8am as usual. Didn’t have to scrape the car which was a bonus. Walked to chemist and walked to Lidl. Now having a coffee with a danish - perfect. Lovely clear blue sunny skies and only a little breeze. May take dog to beach shortly. I’m in Northumberland.

MiniMoon Thu 20-Jan-22 11:15:23

Been out to the bin. Very chilly, I didn't linger long. The Echo in the corner of my living room says it's -1°c and it certainly feels like that. The frost is still on the ground where the sun hasn't shone.