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What to get for DD1 for achieving an MA ?

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kittylester Thu 20-Jan-22 11:53:00

We are really proud of DD1 who has, during a pandemic, with a husband, 2 early teens, a house to run and a mad dog, achieved an MA. 40 people started this new course but only DD and one other person have graduated.

We want to buy her something fun to commemorate her achievement. Her Dh is going to buy her a nice piece of jewellery so we can't go down that route.

Anyone any good ideas please.

Kim19 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:59:22

Wine & dine her at a memorable place you know she would like. A nice book could be a keeper of the ocasion. Well done your daughter!!

Peasblossom Thu 20-Jan-22 12:00:18

Have it beautifully, professionally framed?

Kate1949 Thu 20-Jan-22 12:02:19

Well done to her kitty. You must be so proud.

Grandmabatty Thu 20-Jan-22 12:03:42

That is fantastic! Well done to her. I have no suggestions but wanted to acknowledge your daughter's achievement.

Peasblossom Thu 20-Jan-22 12:03:55

Or thinking about it, having in the past been the other half of an MA 😬 with two little children and a job, how about a studio family portrait, with a “We did it together” strapline 😀

Hetty58 Thu 20-Jan-22 12:07:10

Be sure to tell her how very proud you are of her. I think a celebration is in order!

Redhead56 Thu 20-Jan-22 12:09:04

We gave our daughter money to go for a meal of her choice with her husband.

kittylester Thu 20-Jan-22 13:37:05


Be sure to tell her how very proud you are of her. I think a celebration is in order!

Oh, we have hetty lots and helped out where possible. In fact, DH did all her proof reading for which she bought him a lovely piece of art.

J52 Thu 20-Jan-22 14:01:54

It’s certainly an achievement, especially if you’ve got family responsibilities as well. How about a weekend away at a Spa hotel, where she can unwind.

FannyCornforth Thu 20-Jan-22 15:58:28

That really is an amazing achievement, especially at ‘this time’, and with a family too.
I shall have a think about a gift.
What is your DD’s MA in Kitty, if you don’t mind me asking?

Sarnia Thu 20-Jan-22 16:12:10

I know how proud you must feel. Such an amazing achievement plus all the other demands on her time. I was at a granddaughter's graduation ceremony yesterday. She battled mental health issues towards the end of sixth form and the beginning of university and there were times when it would have been the easy option to quit. All credit to her she stuck at it and is now a Bachelor of Science with a 1st and a prize for the best dissertation in her year. She loves cows and Highland cattle in particular. I found a lady on Etsy who embroiders messages on soft toys and as luck would have it, she has Highland cows. Perhaps something like this which could be personalised would be good as you are looking for a fun present.

Aldom Thu 20-Jan-22 16:33:37

Congratulations to your daughter. As you are thinking 'fun present' how about an Air Balloon flight?

JaneJudge Thu 20-Jan-22 16:35:30

How wonderful smile

Could you buy her something handmade that relates to her MA? I suppose it depends how much you want to spend too.

Patsy70 Thu 20-Jan-22 17:04:25

Congratulations on your daughter’s great achievement, Kitty. You must be so very proud of her. Obviously, a celebratory meal with family and close friends is called for, and maybe a memorable ‘red letter day’, doing something fun that she’d really enjoy? 😊

SueDonim Thu 20-Jan-22 17:08:26

Well done, her! 🏅

Does she hand-write anything? We gave our boys personalised pens when they got their PhD’s.

Yammy Thu 20-Jan-22 17:58:31

Congratulations to her and all her family for supporting her you must be very proud especially in the stressful times we live in.
'I like SueDonim, gave an ink pen Monte Blanc set to someone who had got their M.D. with a young family and wife.'
My SIL got whisked away for a luxurious weekend break when she got her PhD as a mature student.
A family photo sitting in her cap and gown with her family would be lovely

ElaineI Thu 20-Jan-22 18:12:47

That's brilliant! Well done to her. A weekend away with her DH maybe? Maybe a more unusual one like glamping or an activity one.

mumofmadboys Thu 20-Jan-22 18:54:40

Well done her! You must be very proud. What about an art work or a special handbag? Something that will last a number of years.

pinkprincess Thu 20-Jan-22 19:48:19

Well done your daughter!.

Lolo81 Thu 20-Jan-22 19:55:02


Have it beautifully, professionally framed?

Echoing this idea, I gained my degree last year as a v v mature student and my dad v thoughtfully had my diploma mounted and framed - it was such a nice gift and meant a lot to me.

Kali2 Thu 20-Jan-22 19:59:54

A couple of days at a spa with a few massages/treatment. Ragdale would it perfect. Well done her.

Or flights and Hôtel for a couple of days to Seville, Rome, anywhere in Europe. Why not ask her what she would really enjoy.

Serendipity22 Thu 20-Jan-22 20:11:39

Aldom i was thinking hot air balloon ride too..... snap.

Well well done to your DD kittylester, you must be very proud...

I echo what Aldom has said, a hot air balloon ride, its memorable and not on the shop shelf for the world and his wife to buy..... or a 3-course meal on steam train, ive done the steam train and it was like a James Bond film.

Nonogran Thu 20-Jan-22 20:43:47

Two nights in a good hotel with husband? A bit of R&R after the pressures of study & deadlines. Or would she enjoy a spa day & lunch with a friend?
Well done that Superwoman & all who supported her.

JackyB Fri 21-Jan-22 09:51:42

A voucher for a haircut and/or some new clothes. She will be going for job interviews now.