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Shoe width

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NanKate Sat 22-Jan-22 16:49:56

I’m thinking of buying some shoes online and am not sure whether I should now buy slightly wider shoes, however nowhere can I find out the exact width of a D or E fitting. Lots of advice online about shoe size, but not width.

Help please.

OurKid1 Sat 22-Jan-22 16:55:17

If you look at the Hotters website, there's a guide to measuring the width, so you can tell which size to order. It's very clear (must be, I can understand it!) and corresponds to their shoes.

Visgir1 Sat 22-Jan-22 17:30:20

Look up "Sole Bliss" on line, especially for Wide feet. Big choice and good selection of colours.

Gagagran Sat 22-Jan-22 17:40:21

JD Williams specialise in wide and extra wide fit shoes and are cheaper than a lot of online shoe sellers. Worth a look- they have a wide range.

fairfraise Sat 22-Jan-22 17:43:25

If you are able to get to a Hotter shop they measure your foot very accurately, you get a 3D picture sent to you online in the store. You can then use this when ordering shoes.

Grandmadinosaur Sat 22-Jan-22 21:02:36

Next also do wide fitting shoes although I’m not sure if once you’ve seen a style in store they order them in for you. That’s what happened with some boots I got before Christmas. They are a perfect fit.

NanKate Sat 22-Jan-22 21:25:18

Thanks folks for all your suggestions. I will follow them up.

I usually have Hotter shoes, but all the shops in my area have closed down.

Do you remember when everyone had their feet x-rayed in some large box time contraption? 😳

Shelflife Wed 26-Jan-22 18:02:31

I remember having my feet x-rayed in the shoe shop when Mum took me for new brown lace ups - Clarks. Hard to believe now , but shopping for new school shoes was a great occasion!

Elegran Wed 26-Jan-22 18:14:35 Seven fittings - from a High Street E fitting up to 8E, and their catalogue has a tape measure and a chart showing which of their fittings to get to match your measurements of length of foot and round the instep. Plus, they have over 100 nice styles.

NanKate Wed 26-Jan-22 21:50:02

Thanks Elegran will check out that website.