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LaCrepescule Wed 13-Apr-22 06:29:22

I’m 64 and really struggling with the concept of ageing and death. I literally lie awake ruminating about how quickly the years fly and it makes me so sad to think of losing my loved ones and having to say goodbye to them. Please tell me how old you are and whether these things bother you too or how you just get on and live your life!

echt Wed 13-Apr-22 06:42:52

I'm 67.
I had this moment about a month ago, standing in the sea on a sunny day, throwing a stick for my dog. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the idea that if I was lucky I might have 20 more years. What brought it home to me was that I've been in Australia for 16 years, and they've gone in a flash. It's such a defined chunk of my life, I could measure it.

Having my DH die has undoubtedly exacerbated this feeling. I think less about saying goodbye to loved ones. I just don't want to die.

Sapphire24 Wed 13-Apr-22 06:46:25

I'm late 50s and feel very much the same. Lost so many loved ones (none to covid) and it certainly makes me worry about both my hubby and I (he's a year older). A serious health issue some years ago gave us a massive reality check, but on the whole we both relatively well.
I try and make the best of life and have goals and dreams, I want to fulfill, but it's lurking in the background that the years seem to be flying by.

Sussexborn Wed 13-Apr-22 06:53:44

70. occasionally crosses my mind that i’m getting on a bit. According to my granny Mac her mother lived to be 99 and still rode a bike and could thread a needle! I planned to emulate this but had a blip recently and now trying to get my strength back.

I do get frustrated currently because I am limited with what I can do physically as we’ve moved recently and the place is a mess and a muddle.

Framilode Wed 13-Apr-22 07:01:21

I am 75 and until this year I felt fit and well. Suddenly I have slowed down and lost stamina. I also occasionally have difficulty finding the word I want to use in a sentence, which I find frustrating.
I am now much more aware of the passing of time and health. I am not frightened of dying, just the manner of death.
I think I will be lucky if I see out this decade. That doesn't upset me. I have been fortunate in life and have a wonderful family. I don't want to linger on and become a burden.

rosie1959 Wed 13-Apr-22 07:04:19

Sometimes I think about it my age is 63 but I don’t feel any different than I did 30 years ago. Perhaps a bit wiser and things or what people think bothers me far less.
I don’t have any health issues but aware time is passing by. Will I see my grandchildren grow up probably one of the most important thing I think about. My greatest curse I smoke 20 a day. I should give up but after this time will it make any difference

BlueBalou Wed 13-Apr-22 07:06:30

I’m 68 (had to think about that!) and on the whole I am doing quite well despite having heart failure.
My best friend suddenly lost her 70 year old husband recently and it’s given me a bit of a jolt.
Perhaps it’s just as well we don’t know how long we have?
I am going to make plans for things I want to do and see, let’s see how it goes!

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 13-Apr-22 07:07:11

It is my 69th birthday at the end of the month. Yes I do think about my own mortality. My father was only 48 when he died and mum was 67. Her family were generally much longer lived than Dad’s. My family tease me that I will live to 100! Not sure of that as I have various medical conditions. I try to do everything I want to and not let age and currently minor infirmity get in the way. My granddaughter is nearly six and I’m not going watch her grow old!

Curlywhirly Wed 13-Apr-22 07:15:57

66. But I'm lucky in that I have no physical health problems, so still feel like I'm 30 - I seem to think I've got loads of time ahead of me. However, my husband (same age) has bad knees (rugby injuries) and is awaiting a knee operation and had a major health scare in his 40s; he's constantly making plans for our old age and on his prompting we have just revisited our Wills and made LPOAs. He keeps immaculate records of our finances and keeps letting me know what accounts we have and what all the passwords are. It's obvious that his health scare has coloured his views on his demise, and as a massive worrier, if I had a health scare, I'd be the same (much worse actually).

Grandma70s Wed 13-Apr-22 07:17:39

I’m 82. I accept I probably don’t have much time left, and am philosophical about it. I have mobility and heart problems, but my mind is fine - I think! My greatest fear is that I will become entirely dependent. My father died at 94, still living on his own. My mother was 89. My husband, on the other hand, died of cancer at 40. I have two wonderful sons, at a distance, and two equally wonderful grandchildren. I am so grateful for this - I don’t take it for granted.

Allsorts Wed 13-Apr-22 07:28:25

Won’t say my age, it can’t be true. But in my seventies. How! Never worried about dying, but aware now times running out fast. I kind of know, but it doesn’t concern me, just how. Estranged from my much loved daughter has broken me inside and the fights gone out of me. Despite that, I lead a full life, an active one, have a few good friends who love me and a wonderful son and his family.

echt Wed 13-Apr-22 07:29:22

I see this is the Ask a Gran forum! I'm not a gran.

Hiraeth Wed 13-Apr-22 07:35:31

Im 68 and am proud to have got to this age . I looked after my terminally ill husband who passed away 8 years ago I can always remember he told me to enjoy life at whatever age . I don’t think about what could be in the future just enjoy today with all its burdens and miseries it’s still a beautiful world we live in .
Anthony Hopkins quote from his father
„Today is the tomorrow I was so worried about yesterday „

aggie Wed 13-Apr-22 07:39:14

Im mid eighties with a bad back but more or less ok , biggest worry is whether i cook lunch or raid the freezer . You sound a bit depressed , see the Doctor

BlueBelle Wed 13-Apr-22 07:39:18

Just 77 years young and although I have a lot of times now when I start to realise I m on the slippery slope I try not to dwell on death and the end as some of you say you do
I do try and think a lot about what I can do and not waste time on what I can’t do
I still ride my cycle most days, I have my garden and my allotment that I don’t have any help with and I swim in the sea throughout winter I still work voluntarily, I can still do a full lotus (proud of that) and am fairly flexible and reasonably fit ….but….. my world has shrunk I am much much more comfortable in familiar surroundings I m not keen on going away any more my eyesight lets me down and my confidence has taken a huge nosedive I ve been on my own many many years and that doesn’t bother me but I feel safe near my familiar area and this is a huge adjustment for my brain as I used to love travelling and adventures even when on my own
Yes I forget words sometimes and don’t answer some of the quiz questions as quickly as I did …my recall of people faces and names (who I haven’t seen for years) isn’t good I used to pride myself on always remembering names
I hope I don’t have a long drawn out death or Alzheimer’s but no point worrying as it ll be what it ll be I ll have to take it on the chin and deal with it won’t I ? I hope to heavens I m not a burden on my daughter who lives near me (the others escaped)

I don’t have the comfort of a belief in an afterlife I hope I m pleasantly surprised unless I m on the outside looking in 😂
I don’t have amounts of money but everything is in order I don’t owe anything and have just done my POA online
I don’t feel old I like to dress up to date
I m ok

Alittlemadam Wed 13-Apr-22 07:44:01

I’m not a gran and nearly 50. Age is just a number. I joined this group because I love to read the threads which I often find interesting

Gotanewlife20 Wed 13-Apr-22 07:46:38

I am 73 and luckily have never had anything wrong with me.My wife of 48years died nearly 2 years ago after deteriorating for 6 years.I have downsized from a 4 bedroom house to a one bed retirement flat so my kids won't have much sorting out to do when I go.I am not scared of dying,just hope that I don't linger in pain.My 2 children are both happily married and the grandkids are coming on well.Sometimes I feel guilty being happily alone,healthy and active.You just have to play the cards that life deals you and get on with it.

MerylStreep Wed 13-Apr-22 07:53:12

You just have to play the cards that life deals you and get on with it
My mantra exactly.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 13-Apr-22 08:05:10

I’m in early 60s a couple of years from pension age. I do have a lifelong health issue ( thyroid) that can affect a lot of things. Whilst not being morbid I realise at best I might have 20 years ahead. I have so much I want to do and places to go if only I feel up to it. What upsets me most would be not being able to see my GC get married and have families.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 13-Apr-22 08:07:07

I should have added that due to getting to this age already (where did the years go?) it really is true that you shouldn’t put off doing things you want to do.

Hiraeth Wed 13-Apr-22 08:19:48

Lovely messages this morning on this forum .
We all have had our burdens in life that is what life is about and the burdens make us stronger not weaker .

TwiceAsNice Wed 13-Apr-22 08:20:02

I’m almost 69. I’m quite healthy despite having one long term health condition . I still work two days a week, do volunteering, drive long distances and have plenty of friends. I live with my family and consider myself lucky to do this as I see my daughters, SIL and granddaughters every day.

My son died many years ago in childhood, I’ve always had a religious faith and look forward to seeing him again when I die. I’m certainly not afraid to die but hope I live as long as possible with all my faculties. I hope my children will be ok when I’m not here, it’s always harder for the ones left behind

RoseeLee Wed 13-Apr-22 08:34:51

Hi LaCrepuscule, I am 66 soon. I think you are going through something very healthy - you are facing up to your own mortality. Good luck with coming through this anxious time soon, and I hope you will then feel able to make plans for the future as best you can.

Marydoll Wed 13-Apr-22 08:36:54

I am 66, with chronic health conditions. I am very resilient and long ago, accepted that, this is my lot in life and that not much more can be done to improve my quality of life. My prognosis is poor, but I love life and try not to let my conditions drag me down. I am, my own worst enemy, because I think, fool that I am, I am invincible.
There are days, I am unable to do much, but I try not to get morbid.
Every morning, I wake up and thank God I am still here.
Carpe diem!

Franbern Wed 13-Apr-22 08:58:34

I will be 81 in a couple of months time.

I enjoy each day, feeling happy when I wake in the morning and plan what I will be doing that day. I do have some, vague, longer term plans. Would really like to see my two eldest g.children graduate in 2024. Would like to be able to celebrate my 85th birthday as I did my 80th, with my five remaining adult children and eight g.children.

I am, most definitely, not afraid of death - but do have concerns as to my method of dying. I live a wonderful independent life in my lovely flat. Lots of groups and activities. Mobility scooter and other technology makes my life so easy, even with some medical problems.

I really would like to see a system of elective, voluntary euthanasia brought in - obviously with plenty of safeguards.

My fear is NOT of dying, but of being dependent (particularly for personal care), on someone else.

I have been fortunate in having a long life (not proud, not really much to do with me - at least twice it is thanks to the NHS). Death could be anytime in the next one day - 15 years. No time to worry about it.