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TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 14:19:57

As O have gotten older facial hair has become a massive problem for me

I used to use Nair facial hair remover but it burns

Now I use a lady facial hair removing roller thingy mabob

Is this just me and have you found something that Removes facial hair Permanently
( embarrassingly mostly on my chin )

Judy54 Sun 08-May-22 15:16:37

Have a lip and chin wax with a qualified Beautician. It will not remove facial hair permanently but will weaken regrowth if done on a regular basis. Hope this helps.

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 15:56:54

I think probably only electrolysis would be the only way to remove hair permanently .

Serendipity22 Sun 08-May-22 16:18:49

I have more facial hair than the whole cast of planet of the apes.

Seriously, i have found at least 3 hair sprouting on my chin and believe it or not..... 1on my CHEST... I have named him Bert.

I get a razor and shave the buggers off, but not Bert, I leave him alone, poor Bert.

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 16:20:50

Life is cruel.
I've never really had eyebrows, and I'm going bald, but my chin hairs are flourishing.

ExDancer Sun 08-May-22 16:33:41

Its those pesky hormones, or lack of!
Can anyone explain why, when the hair on your head goes white, the new ones on your top lip are black?

snowberryZ Sun 08-May-22 16:35:41

Lack of hormones.
Another reason to take HRT.

HowVeryDareYou Sun 08-May-22 16:35:58

ExDancer You're right, my hair is white (it would be if I didn't keep dyeing it) but my moustache is black! I shave that and my chin.

Blossoming Sun 08-May-22 16:36:38

I have found at least 3 hair sprouting on my chin

You’re lucky 😂😂😂

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:15:45

I don't think shaving is a good idea I think that makes it grow more

If you are loosing your hair speak to your hairdressers there are some things on the market that might help, I use Pantene hair thickness and it works

I might try the laser in hope that works

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 17:19:48

I've tried nearly everything on the market for his hairloss.
I'm having to use a prescribed shampoo for other issues, for now, so perhaps that will help I know it won't

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 17:23:14

Not his! Mine!
I'm losing the will to live here. grin

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:29:16

But *
MissAdventure* were not talking about men's baldness! We're talking about women's facilities hair

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:30:18

You have confused me too now grin

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:31:09

We need a solution guys for this blinking facial hair

Someone must know something

paddyann54 Sun 08-May-22 17:32:36

Ihad mine lasered 20 something years ago .it only lasted a few years,Maybe new tech lasers are better? For now I get cream from my GP and it sprt of keeps it under control but I just bought an epilator on advice from my daughter.She is excessively hairy due to polycystic ovaries and she says the new epilators are I'll give it a go .If you find somethng that works well please post on here .Its the bane of my life

Hiraeth Sun 08-May-22 17:33:56

I have „threading „ done every 6 weeks . I’m very fair but have black hairs appearing on my chin and they’re spiky 😩

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:42:57

paddyann54 I did not know you could get cream from your GP How long does it last once you do that

How much was the epilator n please can you let us know if it works

It's the bain of my life too!

M0nica Sun 08-May-22 17:43:14

Electrolysis is the only solution for those with a big problem. Without it, I would have a beard to rival DH's

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:43:45

Hiraeth I know me too confused

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:44:39

Monica is Electrolysis permanent

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:45:05

How does it work is it expensive, thank you

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:45:18

Are there any side effects

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 17:45:24

I bought a threading type thing on the recommendation of someone here.
2 of them were only about £4 and they worked.
They broke through.

Probably all that wrestling with my beard.

TheodoraP Sun 08-May-22 17:46:44

Is that a permanent thing though