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Slip covers for sofas and arms chairs

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staffietara Mon 16-May-22 19:28:52

Has anyone any advice on buying pull on or slip covers for upholstery, particularly sofas and armchairs?
Came across a company called Luxurlife online, reasonable prizes, looked reasonable quality but difficult to really judge on line.
Don't want something too ' nylon' looking.
Prefer to order not have one of those expensive companies who advertise in all the newspaper supplements.

Kate54 Mon 16-May-22 19:33:05

Plumbs not too bad nowadays.

Sago Mon 16-May-22 20:34:45

Is this advertising?

paddyann54 Mon 16-May-22 22:57:52

My SIL bought cover from an Irish company called ChairFX ,they have a website .I got 4 of their dining chair covers and they are very good,worth a wee look

M0nica Tue 17-May-22 14:30:02

Ask the company to send you fabric samples.