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Kirk57 Sat 28-May-22 21:11:22

My son and future daughter in law made the decision to have their wedding abroad which is their choice and I was very happy for them but when I found out how much it was going to cost for me to go unfortunately I had to tell them I couldn't afford to attend and my future daughter in law gave me a lot of abuse and now refuses to have anything to do with me and has banned me from visiting and it is tearing me apart.

Hithere Sat 28-May-22 21:26:53

Where does your son stand?

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 28-May-22 21:27:46

What does your son have to say about the way his future wife is behaving?

They could have discussed it with you when they were thinking about marrying abroad.

It’s unfair to take it out on you if you can’t afford to go away with them.

Shelflife Sat 28-May-22 21:37:55

Oh my goodness!! You must be devastated. The sad reality is that if people marry abroad it is inevitable that many people will not be able to afford to go. IMO your future daughter in law is behaving very badly indeed. Of course they are entitled to marry abroad but should be aware that some people can not afford to go. You are the grooms mother but that does not mean you have sufficient funds to enable you to be there. I do hope your future DIL will come to accept the situation and you are able to rebuild your relationship.

Shelflife Sat 28-May-22 21:39:17

Or maybe the grooms father !?

Grammaretto Sat 28-May-22 21:54:22

My DS was asked to be best man at a wedding in Singapore on Christmas Eve.
He was expected to pay his own fare too. He said no but was probably torn but for you, how inconsiderate of them!
What a shame . I am sorry for you

LOUISA1523 Sat 28-May-22 21:54:51

I would hope your son is still visiting you....I guess that will have to be enough for now and then hopefully it will blow over

Elizabeth27 Sat 28-May-22 22:15:19

She sounds in full Bridezilla mode. Maybe when more people refuse because of the expense or time off work she will realise how selfish she is being.

I am all for a couple marrying abroad if that is what they want but they cannot expect all the invitees to attend.

Smileless2012 Sat 28-May-22 22:15:54

Well this isn't a very good start is it Kirkshock your future d.i.l. rounding on you because you can't afford to go abroad to the wedding.

You need to talk to your son about this as this IMO is a huge red flag as to how things may go in the future. You say she's banned you from visiting, do they live together and has she banned you from visiting their home? If so, it's your son's home too so you need to know his views on this.

Her treatment of you is completely unacceptable and needs to be sorted.

VioletSky Sat 28-May-22 22:18:07

How did you break the news and what did your son say?