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Nana56 Sun 29-May-22 12:02:01

Does anyone else find that letters fro. DWP go 'missing'. My husband has letters about increases and winter fuel etc but I never do. Tried phoning, absolute waste of time. Getting the pension in the first place was difficult, again invitation letter etc never arrived.

StarDreamer Sun 29-May-22 12:24:00

Is the first letter of your first (or only) given name later in the alphabet than his?

It has been known for some computer systems (badly designed) to note that a letter to the same surname and address has already been sent and deem (wrongly) that the second one is an erroneous duplicate record so does not send a leter to it.

Absolutely ridiculous quality of programming, but it can happen.

OakDryad Sun 29-May-22 13:21:00

Nana56 Do you have a Government Gateway account? If not, it is good idea to set one up. Then you can check your tax and state pension records online and under Your Profile at the top of the page see what address is recorded. There are a number of security questions to answer to set one up but once that's done it's easy to log in to see your record.