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Photo sharing ideas for pictures of GC

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DillytheGardener Wed 10-Aug-22 18:16:57

Just that really, my dil and son have a strict no images of DC on social media rule, but I wondered if there were any sites which are secure on which we could use and share with older members of the family that don’t use WhatsApp?

PoppyBlue Wed 10-Aug-22 18:18:53

How about email them?

Jaxjacky Wed 10-Aug-22 18:38:51

I believe Signal is more secure than WhatsApp.

DillytheGardener Wed 10-Aug-22 18:49:15

PoppyBlue I was thinking of somewhere the photos could be added to over time. And then we could show people all at once when visiting - or that each person with access could see them as they are uploaded.

Jaxjacky is signal like WhatsApp or a photo sharing app?

ayse Wed 10-Aug-22 18:57:25

Signal is like Messenger but much more secure

Zonne Wed 10-Aug-22 18:59:26

Flickr (the paid for version) let’s you share photos with specified people - ie, you can decide who has access to photos you Dave there.

BlueBelle Wed 10-Aug-22 19:11:32

Go on one of the 45 monthly free ( pay for postage only) real photos My grandkids make a total beeline for my photo albums even the older teens and twenties always get them out
There’s nothing like a real photo in a real album which you could take with you when you visit these elderly relations who will see them much better than on a phone

Norah Wed 10-Aug-22 19:29:56

DillytheGardener a strict no images of DC on social media rule

You may want to enquire. Our children's images rule extends over all electronics as well as social media. Just a thought.

DillytheGardener Wed 10-Aug-22 19:33:10

There are some fantastic suggestions on here.

Zonne this sounds great, do the people with access need to have paid accounts too?

This is a lovely idea too, my mother in law for instance would love this BlueBelle

I’d love to proudly pepper my Facebook with pictures of my GC, but I can see why son and dil aren’t keen, as my son pointed out his image wasn’t on social media till he was old enough to start his own account.

Hopefully several of these ideas will work and those keen on updates can see and those that don’t (Facebook ‘friends’ I barely see) won’t!

maddyone Wed 10-Aug-22 19:56:19


My adult children use it to store forever photos of their children and share with family members. Only those who have been sent the link can look. They pay a subscription each year for the use of this site.

Farmor15 Wed 10-Aug-22 20:04:03

Dropbox is another secure app that you can put photos in a folder and share a link with others to access. I find it very good and the basic version is free

DillytheGardener Wed 10-Aug-22 20:47:30

maddyone and Farmor15 I’ve not heard of either of these, I’m going to look into these two, thank you!!

Zonne Wed 10-Aug-22 22:08:31

do the people with access need to have paid accounts too?

No, they don’t even have to have an account at all, you can share via a ‘guest pass’

Worth noting though, that once someone has access to your photos (on any platform, not just Flickr, or even via email) how they choose to use them is out of your control.

DillytheGardener Wed 10-Aug-22 22:22:40

Good thinking Zonne. I’ll ask my dil and son and we can run up a small list of people we trust who we know won’t take and post them elsewhere.

To be honest the only one desperate to post pictures on face book is me blush

Callistemon21 Wed 10-Aug-22 22:25:34

Well, you could print them off and use that old-fashioned method - a letter, an envelope and a postage stamp?

Or fill a small photo album for them?

ElaineI Wed 10-Aug-22 22:34:31

You can make a shared album in iPhoto if you have Apple devices and there is something on google as well or send actual photos. DM loves these as she doesn't have and is unable to see devices.

DillytheGardener Wed 10-Aug-22 22:47:46

Norah apologies I missed your earlier post, they don’t mind a photo sharing app with a small group of about 10 people, but don’t want images on Facebook which has acquaintances and random people that we barely know on our friend lists.

DillytheGardener Wed 10-Aug-22 22:51:44

Callistemon21 I will definitely be doing this or the photo book idea for my mil, and update on birthdays/Christmas, she loves putting pictures up or showing her friends albums.

I didn’t know this ElaineI I’ll have to do an ask around and see if the people, myself and DS want to share images with all have iPhones.

Callistemon21 Wed 10-Aug-22 22:53:56

I like the photo books but then it means they are uploaded on to a website anyway so if the parents aren't keen that could be a problem.

JenniferEccles Wed 10-Aug-22 22:59:59

Doesn’t everyone love real photos? I know I do, despite having countless pictures of the grandchildren on my iPhone.

Why not both?
I didn’t know WhatsApp was not secure. All my family use it, but maybe we should change.

Hithere Thu 11-Aug-22 00:18:14

The issue with sharing pictures is that once sent to another person, what is done with them is unknown to original pic taker

Could there be something else behind of this request?

May I ask if your son shares pictures with that older generation that is not in whatsapp?

DillytheGardener Thu 11-Aug-22 20:07:46

JenniferEccles I didn’t know WhatsApp wasn’t secure either, I thought it was? Perhaps it changed after it was taken over by Facebook.

Hi hithere The request was from before the birth, my gc has no social media presence. Dil and son are happy however for us to all use a photo sharing site that can only be access by those we/they have invited. Dil has some friend overseas too she’d like to add. But they asked us to choose one that would be suitable by the olds here in the U.K.

Katek Thu 11-Aug-22 21:27:04

iPhotos is now obsolete and has been superseded by Apple photos. Pics in this app are stored on the cloud and you can navigate to the cloud from android phones as well as Apple. There are also photo sharing apps and one of the better ones is FamilyAlbum. It’s free, has unlimited storage and you control who accesses the content.