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Super present for 4 year old.

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kittylester Tue 04-Oct-22 15:37:35

It will shock some of you to learn that the Wondrous Wolfie is about to turn 4.

We haven't seen him (or his brother and sister) for 5 weeks , they had covid and then I was proper poorly in hospital.

We want to get him a really super birthday present - any ideas? Up to £50. Thank you.

Sarah74 Tue 04-Oct-22 15:40:35

What does he like? Lego? Football? Making stuff?
Some ideas here -

cornergran Tue 04-Oct-22 15:40:48

At 4 all our Littlest wanted was yet more Thomas trains and miles of track. A scooter was also warmly received. Both a bit ‘normal’. Probably not the response you hoped for kitty, sorry.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 04-Oct-22 15:51:24

The Mulberry website has some really good gifts

Callistemon21 Tue 04-Oct-22 15:51:51

Transformers are back

Tranbot Road Warriors - Robots that transform into cars and back again (if he's a dexterous four year old)

Now I've got an ear worm, that old tune from when DS loved transformers:
Transformers - Robots in disguise!

kittylester Tue 04-Oct-22 15:51:52

I couldn't find anything on Wicked Uncle Sarah which is always my first port of call.

He already has lots of handed down stuff from his big brother. Poor little sausage!!grin

kittylester Tue 04-Oct-22 15:54:05

Ooooh, there's an idea calli. He is very dextrous and, in fact, a genius at all things he attempts. grin

Sarah74 Tue 04-Oct-22 15:54:21

Has he got a bike or a scooter?

Callistemon21 Tue 04-Oct-22 15:55:24


Ooooh, there's an idea calli. He is very dextrous and, in fact, a genius at all things he attempts. grin

Takes after you, I assume ?

kittylester Tue 04-Oct-22 15:59:27

He is also the last grandchild we are likely to have!

Visgir1 Tue 04-Oct-22 16:01:03

FYI.. Amazon have a bit of a sale on. I bought one of my GC a Children's Kindle Fire, from £107 to £65.
See what else they have worth a look?

NotSpaghetti Tue 04-Oct-22 16:15:53

What about a modern version of BILOfix? I'm sure these wooden Meccano type sets are still available.

Does he mind 2nd hand if you want the original?
I bought a set for a 5 year old and it's still in use (age 8).

kircubbin2000 Tue 04-Oct-22 16:17:52

Ours are mad about dressing up so hats and costumes are popular.

M0nica Tue 04-Oct-22 16:19:46

Why not a day out doing something he really enjoys? At 4 DGS was obsessed with animals (still is) and a visit to any animal based activity went down a treat. There are quite a lot of essentially indoor ones, so the weather need not put you off.

MrsKen33 Tue 04-Oct-22 16:27:14

Dinosaurs.? Lots of sizes to play with or just hold. My nephew just loved them at that age.

GrandmasueUK Tue 04-Oct-22 16:42:26

My go-to on-line store is Jacques of London. They have the most gorgeous wooden toys, but the packaging is lovely; sturdy decorated boxes tied with ribbon, gifts are wrapped in illustrated tissue paper and a note to say who packed it. I’m always delighted to receive their toys. I’ve bought from them for new born to my 96 year old FIL, a lovely set of dominoes.

GrannyLaine Tue 04-Oct-22 16:42:48

When our two oldest grandsons were this age we had great success with custom made adventure kits - a small rucksack packed with stuff like rope, a small tarpaulin, torches, compass, a map book (which I made), a tin for snacks. The permutations are endless.

kittylester Tue 04-Oct-22 16:47:55

Some great ideas here, thank you.

We do take him out when we have him MOnica but I am still recuperating so can't say when we could do anything.

His favourite thing is the local heritage railway. And, as you can see, he loved his Pa!

Kate1949 Tue 04-Oct-22 16:54:29

What delightful photos smile

Lucca Tue 04-Oct-22 16:57:15

Playmobil is very popular , has been since great niece was little (now 20). And my dgc love it. Eg the camper van, the pirate ship etc

Blondiescot Tue 04-Oct-22 17:04:54

My Gs has just turned 5 and is into anything Marvel related, but also loves Lego and anything like that. The Transformers toys sound like a good shout to me.

ElaineI Tue 04-Oct-22 17:41:56

Lego has Marvel type stuff and always lasts and can sell on. Our 4 yo loves cars - Hotwheels, Disney and Monster Trucks. He also loves games.

Grannmarie Tue 04-Oct-22 18:08:51

I've just bought this vtech camera for DGS2, DinL suggested it when I asked for C*******s ideas! DGD had a pink one for years, very robust, she loved it.
It's much more than a camera, lots of special effects. Maybe Wolfie would enjoy taking his own snaps of the steam trains, dinosaur days out, Gran and Pa?
They are in Curry's and Amazon.

Witzend Tue 04-Oct-22 18:16:42

I’ve given those V Tech cameras to Gdcs - Gdd1 at 6 and Gds at 5 - he was longing for one after seeing his sister’s. Still going strong 18 months later, and that’s saying something, given that Gds is a human hurricane.

annodomini Tue 04-Oct-22 18:38:44

As he has an older brother, perhaps there's already a train track in the house. If I had a four-year-old GS, I'd be looking at remote controlled cars which give them a lot of fun. As he's good with models, he would enjoy constructing one of the Lego models that work with a battery-run motor.
I hope you're recovering well, Kitty. It's been a hard year for you. Even if Wolfie is likely to be your last GC, perhaps you can look forward to some GGC. grin