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Christmas presents in the late 50’s

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OxfordGran Thu 24-Nov-22 12:39:12

Carrying on from the Thank You letters thread, Can anyone recall presents they received in say the late 50’s made to write thank you for, same stuff every year, can anyone remember

Rupert Annual
Girl Annual,
Eagle for my brother,
tiara, necklace, wand for my little sister,
immediately fell apart, Made in Taiwan
tins Sharps toffees
manicure sets
ballpoint pens and retractable pencils in a long box
woolly hats, scarves, mittens, usually itchy
diaries, sometimes with teeny tiny locks
Bath cubes
flat boxes of hankies with embroidered flowers
Weekend assorted sweets and chocolates
pencil boxes/cases/colouring pencils/
games compendiums
bicycle accessories
boxes Morny soaps, Lily of the Valley
useful things of immense educational value,
globes, encyclopaedia, stamp album, presents
children despair of

there must be many more presents of a similar nature
in people’s memory, happy reminiscing.

biglouis Thu 24-Nov-22 12:43:33

Boxes of water colours
Colouring and painting books
April in Paris perfume
Selection boxes of sweets
Slippers and socks
Book tokens
Dolls house furniture

Calendargirl Thu 24-Nov-22 12:45:15

Bunty and Judy Annuals.

Smokers Sets, liquorice or chocolate. shock.

Ziplok Thu 24-Nov-22 12:45:30

Moving on a decade, but here goes

Selection box
Books (not annuals)
Colouring books/dot to dot and pencils
Bath cubes
Bubble bath/foam
Tin of quality street to share
Annuals (in addition to books mentioned above)
Mittens and scarves
Dressing gown
Games compendiums

Ziplok Thu 24-Nov-22 12:47:02

Forgot to add,
A doll

Calendargirl Thu 24-Nov-22 12:48:30

Oh, and those ghastly French Knitting sets, with a wooden cotton reel that produced a long knitted worm.

Fuzzy Felt ( is that name allowed now?)

Mosaic sets, with little hard coloured balls that slotted into holed card and made patterns.

(Can you tell I was never into craft?)

Juliet27 Thu 24-Nov-22 12:49:24

Triangular shaped manicure set

Juliet27 Thu 24-Nov-22 12:51:18

I loved those French knitting sets. In fact I found a wooden cotton reel with nails in in an old box the other day and I might have a go again!!

Grandmabatty Thu 24-Nov-22 12:51:33

A knitting bag with wool and needles
An underskirt
Second hand dansette record player
Second hand bike*
Dolls clothes knitted by mum.
* The fact these 'big' gifts were second hand, completely passed me by. I was so happy to get them. The bike had a little bag and on Boxing Day I went out exploring with two mince pies for sustenance ☺️

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 24-Nov-22 12:55:39

Printing set, teeny tiny letters that you stuck into a stamp and printed.
Post office set
Nurses uniform
Little piano
Painting book and paints
Selection box
Conjurors outfit/set
Compendium of Games
Not all on the same Christmas though!

Candelle Thu 24-Nov-22 13:01:26

Pears' Cyclopaedia

Casdon Thu 24-Nov-22 13:06:24

Yes Oopsadaisy1, the John Bull printing set - I loved mine, I used to play with it for hours.
Magic painting books
Dolls cutout outfit books
Post Office sets
Hand knitted or sewn dolls outfits
Pretty Peach by Avon - we thought we were the bees knees
Beano annual
Wooden animals with elastic inside that you could make move
Newberry fruits from my nana
Those little plastic men with parachutes

Happy days.

Witzend Thu 24-Nov-22 13:07:07

Post Office set
Set of children’s stationery, for writing the dreaded thank-you letters
Wooden pencil box with sliding lid and coloured crayons inside
A paintbox

A very favourite annual in 1959 was the SchoolFriend Pets Annual - I found the exact same one in a 2nd hand bookshop a few years ago!

Georgesgran Thu 24-Nov-22 13:07:38

Stamping kits.
Pretend Post Office.
Always a Rupert Annual.

Later a jewellery box on 3 legs shaped like a grand piano - the lid opened and a ballerina popped up to dance to a musical box tune.

Later still, a Dansette record player.

NotAGran55 Thu 24-Nov-22 13:17:11

Pencils with my name on.
Hankies with my initial on.


My Dansette record player , Christmas 1964 when I was 9, was best EVER present. Along with the 3 singles for a £1.00 which I still have.
It set me off on a life- long love of 🎶

Fernbergien Thu 24-Nov-22 13:36:02

Kaleidoscope. I would like one now.

Sara1954 Thu 24-Nov-22 13:36:59

Oh my goodness, this is pure nostalgia.
My auntie was an Avon lady, and I always had pretty peach
A doll which came naked, but my mum would knit clothes for.
A record player, battery operated I guess, records:
Little Sir Echo
Over the rainbow
And one about dancing shoes
Almost always a manicure set.
Bits from Woolworths, bath cubes, bubble bath in clear plastic animal shaped, Rupert annual ( never liked it)
Always loved cut out paper dolls
So many things you mention are familiar, I can almost smell the Woolworths green bubble bath x

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 24-Nov-22 13:37:49

Remember the bubble bath balls in a tube?

Annapops Thu 24-Nov-22 13:44:18

Beko building kit which later introduced me to my love of Lego. We had a huge wooden box full which was a shared present between me and my sister. We spent hours playing with it. I still have that Lego and the GC play with it now.
Sindy and Paul with Sindy's red sports car. We built houses using books for walls. Blue Peter showed us how to make furniture for the dolls. So many happy memories playing with my younger sister who died many years ago now.
When I was five years old I woke up on Christmas morning to find a beautiful wooden dolls house, complete with wooden furniture. How I loved that.
I always wanted a train set but dad bought us a scalextric set instead. Wonder who that was really for?

grannydarkhair Thu 24-Nov-22 13:48:03

From the early 60s onwards, my main gift every year for both Christmas and my birthday until I was 14/15 (1968/9) was Lego. Also got a new dolly plus clothes for them every couple of years until I was 10/11. Favourite was one which had her own pink wardrobe. No thank you letters for any of that as were all from immediate family.
Thank you letters written for most of the following most years - various Annuals, depending on my age, including Bunty, Judy, Diane, Hotspur, Oor Willie, The Broons - I wish I still had all them. But never a Rupert.
Jigsaws, colouring books and pencils, other books (still have a great many of them), scraps, chocolate coins in gold foil, selection boxes.
I also got a red and white Dansette record player in 1964.

Juliet27 Thu 24-Nov-22 13:54:29


Pears' Cyclopaedia

I wasn’t given one as a present but I used to spend ages looking through the copy we had at home in the 50s

grannydarkhair Thu 24-Nov-22 14:00:11

Annapops The summer of 1971, I went berry picking with my then best friend, we stayed on the farm in a caravan. Mum never said a word about it, but when I returned home after four weeks, she’d given ALL my Lego away! Talk about being traumatised, I couldn’t look at her for days, nay weeks. Her excuse was that she hadn’t seen me playing with any of it for a couple of years which was true but absolutely irrelevant imo😁
My oldest g’son, now 20, has a huge amount of Lego (a lot of it bought by me), it’s all up in the loft for future generations. He’s doing a Civil Engineering degree and I’m convinced Lego had a lot to do with him choosing that.

Calendargirl Thu 24-Nov-22 14:00:37


I still have all my old Bunty annuals in the loft, very shabby and well read, but oh, just takes me back as soon as I turn the page.

The Four Mary’s, Toots, Moira Kent and Lorna Drake, (ballerinas), …..

Tizliz Thu 24-Nov-22 14:07:47

Crystallised fruit every year from Aunt in South Africa

growstuff Thu 24-Nov-22 14:10:50

A spirograph. I loved mine.