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Decorating ideas please

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Nana56 Mon 30-Jan-23 16:53:14

I need to decorate our spare bedroom . At present it's pale green with patterned curtains in shades of green.
I would really like to try something more adventurous. All the walls are plain. I was thinking of maybe dark purple on one wall and pale green on the others. It's south facing and one wall has white wardrobes.
I sometimes sleep there, as I snore, so would like it to be redecorated.
Thanks in advance

PinkCosmos Mon 30-Jan-23 16:59:09

I would paint one wall a sage green (not too dark and preferably the bed head wall ) and the others white or a warm white.

The curtains would probably still match.

You could get a plain white duvet cover with a sage green throw

We stayed in a hotel bedroom with this kind of colour scheme. It was very restful

PinkCosmos Mon 30-Jan-23 17:00:31

Sorry, my suggestion isn't very adventurous confused

J52 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:18:56

Both colours do go well together, as long as the shade of each is complimentary. Here’s a couple of photos from Pinterest which show dark and light tones.

J52 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:20:47

Don’t know what happened to my photos, the silly advert has popped up! Will try photos again.

J52 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:21:46


J52 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:22:30

It’s not posing, I give up!

Sara1954 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:29:12

I love purple, I particularly like it with lime green, but that may not work for a bedroom.
Get lots of testers, and think bold.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 30-Jan-23 17:32:30

I don’t have names of companies which supply new doors but you will find them by googling. Personally, I would prefer a new door to a hand painted old one, both aesthetically and for ease of cleaning,

Sago Mon 30-Jan-23 17:37:13

I think the use of brave colours is better on the accessories.
I have just redecorate a spare room.
The walls are Little Greene Rolling Fog.
The bed in Rustoleum Hessian.
I used the teal and gold on the blind for the cushions etc.
All the accessories are from Primark!!

Callistemon21 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:45:00

I watched Alan Carr and Amanda Holden's Italian Job the other evening (yes, I know!) and they were decorating one bedroom.

Alan insisted on having a wide stripe of a sagey green going up the wall behind the bed. The others tried to put him off and I thought it would look awful but it didn't, it looked really stylish.
The colour band was exactly the width of the bed.

Callistemon21 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:49:30

The bed went against that wall. The rest of the room was fairly plain, an old chest of drawers etc but the refurbished chair was just lovely.

Joseanne Mon 30-Jan-23 17:54:35

That's funny, ha ha, I was just looking for the finished bedroom on the Italian Job series. The green was lovely in the sunlight and the chair was beautiful with a butterfly print. You might need to watch it to get the full effect. Personally I wouldn't add a bold colour in a bedroom.

Callistemon21 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:58:32

I can't find a finished picture either.

I wouldn't add a bold colour to a bedroom either.

MawtheMerrier Mon 30-Jan-23 18:12:55

Feature walls are very passé so I would rethink before going down that road!

Sarah75 Mon 30-Jan-23 18:43:30


Feature walls are very passé so I would rethink before going down that road!

I think they are considered quite trendy again - but they’re called accent walls now grin

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 30-Jan-23 18:47:17

I’m not sure that purple would be very restful in a bedroom - and I can’t imagine it paired with pale green. Sorry!

dragonfly46 Mon 30-Jan-23 18:47:54

I have just done my bedroom and I love it. I have white glass furniture, lilac walls, pretty flowered curtains and white seersucker duvet cover.

Jaylou Mon 30-Jan-23 18:57:34

It takes me ages to find the exact colour I want for a wall. I wanted a sage green nad finally plumped for Dulux Overtly Olive, it looks more beige online but it is a really nice sage colour. Go for a matt finish as this is far more forgiving than anything with a sheen, and won't show any touch ups you do later on.
A drab grey (sounds boring) can also be good, as so many colours go with grey and you can go to town on accessories in any colour.

Sara1954 Mon 30-Jan-23 20:43:27

Well each to his own, but the idea of walking into an olive green bedroom would really depress me, but I’m a big believer in choosing what you actually like, not what fashion dictates, or what you feel may be a safe choice.
So purple, bottle green, if you like it, have it.

Ali23 Mon 30-Jan-23 20:52:52

How about finding a wallpaper that adds bold colours?

NotSpaghetti Tue 31-Jan-23 03:32:32

Here's a purple and green bedroom

NotSpaghetti Tue 31-Jan-23 03:42:28

And 3 more

harrigran Tue 31-Jan-23 09:03:13

Green walls remind me of my childhood home immediately post war, all the walls were painted with green distemper 😟
I don't think dark purple is very restful but would be happy with pastel colours.

Patsy70 Tue 31-Jan-23 09:30:48

NotSpaghetti, I love the pale lilac and green. 😊