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Beau1958 Sun 26-Mar-23 09:56:46

I’m sitting here looking at my Mothers Day cards and I’m wondering how long do you leave your cards out on display. With all cards I usually leave them up for about a week. Im reluctant to take them down and bin them they have such nice words.

Grannybags Sun 26-Mar-23 09:59:00

I usually leave them up for a week but I have a box full of cards that I can't bring myself to get rid of!

Redhead56 Sun 26-Mar-23 10:01:23

I leave them up one week mine go down tonight if they have personal pictures on I keep them.

Jaxjacky Sun 26-Mar-23 10:03:52

My MD cards went in recycling yesterday, no foil or glittery bits, so about a week.

Shinamae Sun 26-Mar-23 10:06:57


I usually leave them up for a week but I have a box full of cards that I can't bring myself to get rid of!

I have a huge box of cards from my family saved over the years, actually it’s about time I got them out and looked at them again!..🤗

Yammy Sun 26-Mar-23 10:07:37

I'm the same for about a week and then keep for a while and then bin.
I must admit I am having trouble keeping the flowers alive this year. Just one week and the roses and freesia are wilting. I've cut the stems, given them new water, and put them somewhere cool and they are still going.
Were flowers not as good this year? Or is it just me I know they were very expensive.

Georgesgran Sun 26-Mar-23 10:15:16

I’ve had my birthday cards up on my hall table for 10 days or so and my MD cards are on my desk. I’ll take them all down today. I hate getting rid of them though. My birthday flowers, other than some pink lilies are dead, but the MD are still going strong.
My neighbour seems to keep cards up in her windowsill for 4 weeks, a bit too long for me.

Witzend Sun 26-Mar-23 10:19:22

Any made by grandchildren, or with their wobbly writing inside, will stay up and will probably never be thrown away - not by me anyway.

Others stay up for maybe 10 days and are then stuffed into a drawer which is ‘weeded’ occasionally - when the drawer is getting too full. /

MiniMoon Sun 26-Mar-23 10:32:34

I took mine down in the middle of the week and put them in my card drawer. When the drawer is full, I have a clear out.

BlueBelle Sun 26-Mar-23 10:53:38

I keep them up a couple of weeks but family ones are in a big box and kept for ever someone else will throw them away after I ve gone

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Mar-23 10:58:16

I will take my MD cards down this week. I used to save cards but no longer do so and have thrown all old ones away because otherwise it would fall to my husband or son to throw them out when I’m gone and I know from experience how difficult that is.

Maggiemaybe Sun 26-Mar-23 11:14:23

Our cards always stay up a full week, so the MD ones will come down tonight. I keep all cards from the immediate family, in a box under the spare bed. I thought about recycling them during lockdown, but put them all back after a good nostalgic wallow - some of them are very touching, others so funny.

As for the flowers, the tulips are still looking good, the stocks are fading now but still smell wonderful.

Theexwife Sun 26-Mar-23 11:46:49

About a week, my mother throws cards away late afternoon on the day she receives them. I was at her house on her last birthday, she received a card at 4 pm it was in the bin by 6 pm.

I did not know until I was an adult that other people kept cards for longer than a day.

Cabbie21 Sun 26-Mar-23 12:05:13

Most cards stay up for a week, but this year DH had lovely get well cards which stayed up till Mothering Sunday. My cards only stayed two days as the actual cards were not really to my taste, though the sentiments were fine. DH’s birthday is ten days after mine so mine come down after a week to make a gap. Then Christmas follows.
So it depends on the time of year.

Hellogirl1 Sun 26-Mar-23 12:30:48

I keep all cards up for a week, then they`re thrown away, unless there are any really special ones.
Lynne had a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to me for Mother`s Day, roses and lilies, the roses were dead after 2 days, the lilies are on their last legs. My son brought me a very pretty mixed bunch, the roses and the iris were dead the following day, the rest are on their way out now. For what they charge for flowers they should last longer than that.

M0nica Sun 26-Mar-23 12:33:27

I keep cards a fortnight , then into recycling. The flowers DS sent are still OK for a few more days.

Kim19 Sun 26-Mar-23 16:00:03

I still have some Valentine roses but I anticipate having to reluctantly bin them on Tuesday.

crazyH Sun 26-Mar-23 16:05:43

MD cards will be taken upstairs, into my memory box. I don’t know whether anyone has noticed that the roses hardly lasted 3 days 😫

Patsy70 Sun 26-Mar-23 16:26:23

My cards stay up for ages; I move them around from windowsill to various tables around the house. I get so much pleasure from their messages. I keep all the cards my children and grandchildren give me stored in pretty boxes.

Mollygo Sun 26-Mar-23 16:30:17

A week. After that DH asks if I want to keep them or bin them.

Jb2022 Tue 28-Mar-23 11:17:07

I see these cards as personal greetings usually expressing love or friendship. I don’t put them on display for all to see but great joy in receiving them, putting them away in a box where I can take them out occasionally to reminisce. My mother on the other hand actually opens them out and and lays them on a table for everyone to read.

grandMattie Tue 28-Mar-23 11:18:46

A week. I don’t have space to keep any unless they are particularly precious.

Diplomat Tue 28-Mar-23 11:24:47

Just took my MD cards down before reading this! They are kept in a box with date on the back as are any cards from the GC.

Oldnproud Tue 28-Mar-23 11:28:38

Up to a week, though quite often only three or four days if i'm not expecting any of the senders to call in and wonder where their card is.
We have a small house with very little space for such things and quite frankly, they make the place look even messier than it normally does.
I do make an exception for handmade cards though, including any from the dgc, which I might keep permanently

winterwhite Tue 28-Mar-23 11:55:04

A week. Then I cut the suitably sized ones in broad strips to use as book marks. DH throws his birthday / Father's Day cards away the next day - before Christmas I often have to rescue half the cards from the bin the same day.