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Mini steppers

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Stillwaters Tue 11-Apr-23 18:54:51

Hi, can anyone in the UK recommend a set of mini steppers? I've seen them in fitness videos and would like a pair for myself; I did buy some from Decathlon but the resistance was so strong that I looked like I was walking in slow motion!
I want ones with adjustable resistance and I don't mind whether or not they have resistance bands. I'm 5'6" and 10st.

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-May-23 05:10:04

Thought I'd bump this up as surely someone will have ideas.

Aveline Mon 29-May-23 06:30:30

I don't know if it's what you mean but I had a set of what seem like floor mounted bicycle pedals. I could just pedal away while sitting in my chair. The resistance could be increased. I got them from Amazon after my first knee replacement. Maybe not what you mean though. Other than that I used our stairs as my gym.

karmalady Mon 29-May-23 06:40:35

I have a set of kettler steppers. They are hydraulic and I can get a good bit of exercise on them. They do require force, which reduces as the oil inside gets moving. I keep mine in the kitchen, they are small and I have that handy worktop for balance. I find they exercise my leg muscles and my heart and lungs, just what I needed over winter, until I could get out cycling again

Mine are old now and I will never get rid of them. Not adjustable